couple directives i noticed before i left some months ago

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  • cptkirk

    just remembered a couple directives (informal) they must of been giving to elders before i stopped going, which made me really laugh.

    2 things they were telling them:

    1. watch for people who get "defensive" as a sign they are a problem member

    2. always explain to people that you (the elders) are not psychiatrists (ie. they can only show you scriptures not help you with problems)

    in retrospect this small bit of information is extraordinarily fascinating to anyone not locked inside a mind control cult.

    let me break this down real quick (i could probably use this tidbit to write an entire book on how insane these people are, but instead i'll be brief).

    first of all GB you cowardly f*cks, telling your people to watch for people who get defensive IS TELLING THEM TO BE PSYCHIATRISTS.

    second of all, I dont know of anyone else on planet earth who get more defensive more quickly and easily than ELDERS do in this ORG.

    lastly this is a great bit of insight isn't it? it just shows how infantile you people really are. god knows if you actually did sit down with a real science book, or a real psychology book, or a real sociology book, you might actually be dangerous.

    the fact that you can informally put out directives like this in the same sentence, which to any sane educated human being would hopefully draw an immediate reaction of 'wait a minute, isn't this an oxymoron?'...followed by the next sentence we are the absolute truth, shows you people are beyond a shadow of a doubt deluded.

  • cantleave

    You use the term informally, how exactly was the information disseminated? Through the CO or by letter from the branch?

  • cptkirk

    the one regarding elders are not psychiatrists - i've heard that uniformly from elders in different parts of the country. and from the platform

    the other one regarding getting defensive i heard from a co, and an elder.

    i've been around long enough to know when they are speaking their words, and when they are speaking the words they were told to speak.

    (ie. they dont create their own non scriptural adages , whenever you hear an adage from an elder...and then you hear it from another elder half way across the's not usually a coincidence....)

    i re-read my post. there is one possible error, the fact that i said "they put them out in the same sentence", could be erroneous. i dont know for sure that in the same exact meeting they disseminated both these incredible nuggets of godly wisdom together. they may have told their people the psychiatrist thing, one week, and the defensive thing the next week.

  • cantleave

    My experience is similar although some CO's will hold their own views and preach them in elders meetings. In the UK a guy called Bill Harris was notorius for this type of thing.

  • cptkirk

    you find out a lot when there are problems in a congregation. that's when the elders and co's really show their true colors. because you get to see their inner thoughts, gives you a chance to listen to the brains behind the borg. when you hear the same lines coming from different mouths, especially the ones that dont even know eachother. that's like seeing the elders manual for the first time. you're like wtf is this?

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