All shops in Birmingham England are been looted and set on fire !

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  • Hairyhegoat

    I live in staffordshire and we have reports of shops on fire in Tamworth. WTF is going on... The high value shops are missing all there rails now and just herd chemsley wood and dudley are on fire..


  • mummatron
  • ziddina

    Good frikkn' grief...

    Be ready to get out - do you have friends living in safer areas that you can stay with? Be sure to take all important documents - and pets - just in case the violence reaches your area....

    Be careful and be safe...

    [Oh, and of course there will be some "miraculous" escape for "Andre" the Pioneer during all of this, that will be brought out at the next DC!!! ]

  • Hairyhegoat

    PRIMARK ,ARGOS , SAINSBURY'S , boots h&m, Tesco are all looted and on fire and bull ring bull has been decapitated and their are not enough police to cope with these morons.. WTF is going on ? These areseholes can bring UK to it's knee's in 1 night. The sas and so19 should be called in to get rid of theses asholes...


  • skeeter1

    The "sas" would be British Special Forces?

  • HappyDad

    Shoot them all and ask questions later. Only problem is that Mum and Dad will say that they were such good kids. Right!


  • sizemik

    It's the iniquity of the system . . . the prosperous years have placed too much wealth in the hands of the baby-boomers . . . and there's stuff all left for the young . . . I understand the frustration of many. Maybe it's a wake-up call.

  • dm6
  • dm6

    i bet the joeys are having a field day with armageddon!!!!!! lol !!!!!!

  • moshe

    People have poo-pooed my warnings- anarchy is a real possiblity- even in the USA. Voters are ignored by politicians.

    Armani store totally gutted/looted. Luxury goods are made in China now, no tears are shed by me.

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