Can Cannibals be Christian?

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  • NomadSoul

    But the Pukari had nothing that would be considered a religion. When Caitlin and her six fellow missionaries arrived, the Pukari worshiped

    rocks and practiced a sort of witchcraft.

    Hey, rocks have been here way before the Bible.

  • james_woods

    Soylent Green is people - tell everybody.

    However, isn't it just a little odd that the only thing in the bible that I am aware of which relates to the subject of cannibalism would be "{you must eat my flesh and drink my blood".

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    She did not say. I, a white Northeastern college student wanted to go do voter registration in the Deep South with a group from a friend's college. Their insurance would not cover me so I had to wait. Well, the mixed group of Northerns went down South and stirred things up. They all left after a few weeks. The locals were not so lucky. A teenage girl was murdered as a result of the registration drive.

    The same thing happens regularly with presidential campaigns. Some know it all from a different part of the country thinks they know it all. I grew up in a white vigilante area. Young hippie males were sent to the most dangerous area. I would be afraid despite my life long contacts and shared experiences. So these college students legs were broken.

    Recently, I saw a PBS shown on some eskimo type natives taken to the Museum of Natural History. They were viewed the same way as grasshoper. specimens. Only one young boy survived the plethora of diseases. His parents were mummified and placed on display without his knowledge. When the Arctic craze peaked, he was thrown on the streets. Very sad. These were professional anthropoligists. I always enjoy the exhibits there which now makes me feel complicit.

    This missionary work was seen as valuable when I was a kid. Now most mainstream people find it revolting. If she travelled the world herself, she would probably find many legitimate, workable alternatives to Christianity.

  • wasblind

    LOL @ Outlaw :)

    Outlaw must be chicken, am I correct ????

  • Glander

    Did you hear about the cannibal on his way back to his village who passed a missionary in the jungle?

    Two cannibals having dinner. Cannibal #1 "Good, eh?", Cannibal #2, "I'm having a ball"

    A Frenchman and a cannibal were hunting in the jungle when they came upon a beautiful woman sunbathing in the nude. The Frenchman said, "Mon Dieu!, she looks good enough to eat!" So the cannibal shot her.

  • NewChapter

    A cannibal subscribed to People magazine cuz he thought it was a cook book.

  • botchtowersociety

    These are protestant missionaries, by the way. The Catholics don't send Friars over anymore.

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