Convention talks on education?

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    Quendi: "The directive states that if the children of an elder or ministerial servant enter college or university, then that elder or ministerial servant will have his privileges reviewed. "
    Pistoff: "Their stance is not nuanced at all, as expressed in the WT and at conventions..."

    Could someone please reference the source documents for this sort of Watchtower Society's statements? Thanks!

    @ Quandry - there are some decent videos on YouTube, but if I were in your shoes, I'd prefer something in writing that I could carry in to work and show to this woman...

    Brb with videos...


  • ziddina
  • ziddina
  • ziddina

    Here's another one that is unfortunately NOT dated... They did mention a 2005 Watchtower, but I doubt that is the date of this talk...

    If someone could provide a date for this, please?? Thanks!

  • ziddina

    Aaaand this one's not dated, either... Mentions the October 2005 Watchtower again. Probably the same talk given by a different brother...

    I'd like to see a more recent edict against higher education, personally. Though 2005 is pretty recent...


  • ziddina

    Can anyone please post a scan of that 2005 Watchtower??? Thanks!!

  • Quandry

    Thanks Ziddina for your posts. Yes, later than 2005 would be great. I find it hard to believe that this summer they haven't pounded on it again.

    Or maybe I can find a post with a reference to a WT that is more current. I'll check through some past topics.

    climbing a ladder....likened to college...dangerous. However, they don't point out that climbing this ladder will help them to take care of themselves.

    Also, many courses are big ladder.

    I remember a High School girl in my congregation about twenty-five years ago that got a full scholarship but turned it down to pioneer-a Convention experience, of course. She got married after High School, had two children, and last I heard was divorced after the husband was committing mucho adultery. I wonder how she is now, with no education and having to raise the children on her own.

  • skeeter1

    Search this site, there is a thread with a link to a scan. Also, Barbara Anderson found some misquotes within the education and started a thread on it

  • ziddina

    The thing that struck me most forcefully while listening to those videos, again, was how the Watchtower Society 'infantilizes' its followers.

    The so-called "threats" that college supposedly presents, according to the Watchtower boys, are just normal aspects of growing up...

    "Secular education can take years to pay off..."

    So does ANY responsible purchase as an adult - buying a car, obtaining a credit card, renting an apartment, buying a home, etc...

    "Higher education exposes ones to corrupting influences..."
    Well, so does LIFE...!!
    [attending college exposes ones to...] "Ungodly conduct, such as binge drinking, sexual immorality..."

    Ah, yeah... Like that stuff NEVER goes on in the local congregation...

    That "ladder" illustration is tailor-made to stimulate fear in smothering, over-protective, neurotic parents...

    "you look up at that ladder, and some of the rungs don't appear to be all that stable... And the wind has begun to blow FURIOUSLY..."

    [Like "Jehovah" must be "furious" because little Jane or Johnny is attempting to "make a name for himself" by getting a decent job with a good wage and some employment security, if possible...]

    "How do you feel as the parent? Helpless? Has your son or daughter fallen yet? No, but the indication seems to point to danger, doesn't it?"

    That's a fairly overt death threat made towards the kid... Sure to send the parent into a non-thinking panic state!!

    "...We can liken this to the problems that are often encountered in colleges/ young ones who are away from the loving shelter of their parents' homes. The problems they face there is [are] far more complex and different than the problems they faced in high school while they were in your home..."

    Sheeeeesh... That part about the "dangers" of college - and the clear implicaton that the'd better not leave home... Better tie those apron strings tighter around the kid's neck; little Johnny or Jane [at the childish age of 18 - 20...] might fawl down and get a boo boo!!

    Then he yammers at the parents,

    "Should we knowingly expose our children to that kind of environment for four or perhaps more years..."

    "Expose".... Like they're deliberately exposing their own children to a deadly disease... Or leaving the children exposed to the elements to die...

    "Is the risk involved worth whatever benefit that the young one could possibly receive.... So we do well to give serious and prayerful consideration to those two questions. ...if we keep the kingdom first and seek Jehovah's interests, that it will help protect us against this possible crafty act of the Devil..."

    "Is the risk involved...???" Yeeesh, the Watchtower boys are trying to cripple the kids from learning how to grow up and be independent... No surprise there... And the speaker's english could stand some further education, too... "help protect us against THIS 'possible' crafty ACT of the Devil."...???

    Soooo.... ALL higher education is considered ONE "crafty act" of the devil... Whatta buncha LOONS!!!


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    FYI - The same day this thread started, I got a great article submission on this very subjectefrom Mad Sweeney. I ultimately split it into two articles.

    Sweeney does his usual yeoman job on the subject. How anyone can read this or that article and not wonder what the Watchtower is smoking, must be insane. Even more indefensible are the JWs themselves. Are they really that stupid? But thousands were and I know quite a few of them personally - including myself.

    I graduated from high school with a very high grade point average. On the other hand, straight A's and an F (that's a great story for another time), don't do you much good if your parents don't have the money or the will to send you to college. Most of my classes in HS were non-college prep courses, but I got in language, advanced English, was high in math. But no college prep. I actually won a scholarship, enough to pay for my first semester of Junior College. So I did go on my own dime for part of the first year.

    My dad sent mixed messages. "John, you can live at home as long as you are going to school. But if you leave school and turn 18, you're on your own and will need to find your own place." So does that mean that I should, or should not, go to college?

    I actually lived within a short bus drive to a University of California campus (Riverside), and in those days tuition was free (if you could qualify). All I had to do was come up with money for books and materials. What a sad waste of the sharp brain I had at that time. Now look at me - just a grubby old bandido...

    Anyway, here are the links to Sweeney's two part essay on JWs and Education:

    And for those of you who may have missed it, be sure to read Terry's article as well, adapted from his post here:

    I'm sure both would like to read your comments...


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