What keeps you going after your exit from the Watchtower Society?

by Awen 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • flipper

    AWEN- I have re-connected with former friends, non-JW's and former JW's who made their escape also. I have found the REAL world I live in much more accepting and kind towards me than the JW world. Unconditional friendships are so much more soothing than walking on pins and needles wondering how JW's will judge you. NON-Witnesses were not " Satanic " or a " bad influence " at all like we were told by the WT society. In fact- they were more caring and helpful than Witnesses. Gaining freedom of mind and surrounding myself with caring people has been truly a wonderful thing after exiting the Witnesses

  • shechaiyah

    What I found and find is the "real world" is a games-table where Games take up peoples' times and families.

    I am not about to accept such a state of affairs.

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