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  • cantleave

    Can anyone tell me if it was ever written that spending too much time with your kids is in effect idolising them.

    I recall it being said by a CO during an elder's meeting, but was it just one child hating CO, or something embedded into the WT culture from the top down?

  • TotallyADD

    Children in the cult are always low on the totem pole. It was most likely a child hating CO. Their is alot of them out there. Totally ADD

  • hellenback

    Our co was a child hater , but then again He always behaving like a closet gay( not that being gay is a prob ) his name was roddy and he was a bit of a blouse

  • PSacramento

    Children do NOT ask to come into this world, WE bring them in ( kicking and screaming, literally), the very LEAST we can do is devote our time to them.

  • shamus100

    Haven't heard that, but I have heard there is monkey worship out there. ** looks in mirror, admires pelt **

  • NewChapter
  • shamus100

    See? :D

    Yes, kitten, flattery will get you far... FAR!

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I don't remember reading that or hearing anyone say it, but their is often a very negative, cold, callous attitude towards children in the Society. I felt it. We all did, I think, us kids. Except for the popular ones.

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