What benefit is all the power of people's lives to the Governing Body?

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  • TimothyT

    If the 7 million JW's mindlessly follow the Governing Body (which the majority do), of what benefit is it to the Governing Body? That power over people's lives is nothing to boast about in my books. I conclude that the only reason they so desire this power is because it brings money, authority and security to them. That to me sounds very selfish indeed! But still, the question remains in my mind - FOR WHAT PURPOSE? Its a VERY slimy way of living - manipulating others in order to keep yourself safe and secure.

    Is there any honourable reason why they do what they do? I would understand if they truly wanted to help people learn about God, but I dont see that at all anymore. Now its all about the organisation.

    It has lost its touch and needs sorting out as I think its become a very unethical and unchristian organisation.

    What are your thoughts?

    Timmy xxx

  • Damn The Watchtower
    Damn The Watchtower

    The Governing Body members believe they are appointed by God to lead, this is enough for them. They have no great wealth, but they do have security in that they have an apartment, health care and so on. But by the standards of many religious leaders they are by no means rich or materially privileged as many religious leaders are.

  • Knowsnothing

    It's what many others have posted.

    1.) They truly believe they are appointed by God, and so must do their "best".

    2.) The Organisation has become an entity of its own. If one or two leave, they get replaced and the machine continues.

    The question is, will it crack from the pressures of the outside (which don't seem to be many) or will it succumb to apathy and questioning from the inside?

    Hell, all religions are bull and yet they maintain continuity. People find happiness and security in this organisation, so as long as people can feel this is the "truth", feel satisfied, or feel there is no where else to go, the machine will continue.

  • blond-moment

    As any witness knows, you are either in, or you are out. Shunned.

    Now imagine you have dedicated your life, 50+ years to the organization. Now imagine you have made it to Governing Body. Even if, once you get there, you realize it's not at all what you thought. You get there and finally find the "truth".

    Where exactly would you go? You could stay and live a very comfortable life, in a very respected position, and treated extremely well, or you could decide to live on the street with no education, no real job experience, no friends, no family, and up in years. What would you do?

    I only know of 1 Govering Body member who left. He had a hard time with it, and so did many who knew him. MANY including him, were disfellowshipped, not for sin, but just for not believing in the Governing Body. Not for wanting to leave the organization, just for having doubts. Just because, the men in charge, were trying to hold on to their positions.

    It is a hard thing to get your head around. WHY do they do what they do? What is the motive? If you really look at it from their point of view. It is a heck of a lot at stake. Go along and be ok, or risk living in a cardboard box.

    I highly recommend reading Crisis of Conscience if you haven't. Raymond Franz was a former GB member, and he shares what it was like on the inside. He is EXTREMELY fair in his recollections, and even tho the facts of things can be harsh to read, he does not come across as angry or bitter. I can't say I would have done the same, but it was very fair.

  • unshackled

    Its a VERY slimy way of living - manipulating others in order to keep yourself safe and secure.

    I agree with your sentiment Tim. Not sure of the real motives behind the WT but if you look around, manipulation and control for betterment of "self" is common. Think big oil companies (BP, Haliburton) banking system, Walmart and so on...those are certainly about money. Seems logical that it could be applied to JWs, Mormons or Scientologists too. But perhaps more so, a thirst for control?

  • Damn The Watchtower
    Damn The Watchtower

    I believe Raymond Franz thought them true believers though misguided. He knew them better than anyone else I suppose.

  • TimothyT

    Good points!

    I think its about time the machine stopped. Im not a vengeful person but i would like to see the governing body knocked down.

    I sometimes wonder to myself if they themsleves believe in what they stand for, or are they too afraid to voice and of their own personal doubts.

    Whatever the case is, id like to see it weaken as i disagree with the extent of control they have over peoples lives - totaly unethical and in my mind, illegal!

  • blond-moment

    I believe Raymond thought that too. Maybe they do believe they are true believers, maybe they do think they are doing gods will, but are they just believing that because the alternative is too risky? I am sure some members are humble and want to do whats right, I know there have been some nasty and mean GB members in the past as well. The way the GB works tho, even if you are humble and trying, it's not possible to make any good change. The 2/3 vote makes things very tough.

  • ziddina
    "...That power over people's lives is nothing to boast about in my books. ...... Its a VERY slimy way of living - manipulating others in order to keep yourself safe and secure. ..."

    Are you kidding me?? There's no drug like POWER!!! Biggest 'high' there is!!

    Well, for extremely dysfunctional, anally-controlling personalities, that is...


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I'm with you Ziddina....Power corrupts...absolute power corrupts absolutely!

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