Warren Jeffs - guilty

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  • Glander

    A poster man for creeps, under the guise of religion. Why do we keep seeing religion and sexual abuse of children in the same sentence?

  • Robdar

    I think sexual abuse happens everywhere. It's just more shocking when somebody the public trusts gets caught doing it.

  • journey-on

    He makes my skin crawl. The mothers of the young girls he "married" should be prosecuted, too, imo.

  • Glander

    I think sexual abuse happens everywhere. It's just more shocking when somebody the public trusts gets caught doing it.

    Of course it happens everywhere, but tell me a position of public trust, other than in a religious context. that tolerates, indeed, condones, the rape of a twelve year old child. He had an audience of adult female mothers when he did this and recorded it.

    Priests use choir boys.

    vanilla fundies use child youth ministers,


  • jamiebowers
    Why do we keep seeing religion and sexual abuse of children in the same sentence?

    Because bad religion is the ultimate form of mind control. Once an unscrupulous person or group is in charge of the spiritual lives of others, all bets are off for common sense and decency.

  • skeeter1

    I hope Warren Jeffs gets thrown in with all the other prisoners. They will take care of him!


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Ya know something, I dislike him because he's a sexual predator, preying on the weak, but I actually hate him because he reminds of all these rotton religous leaders such as the Governing Body of JWs, the Pope, Falwell, the 700 Club, all that crap. I hope they throw him in General Population and let the wolves have at him.

  • alamb

    Interesting discussion on TV about the "compound". They brought up the issue likened to kidnapping/of children and women in the sect due to fear of leaving. That leads you to the "lost boys" and children who leave but are shunned. And that leads us to a whole big can of worms I'd love to see opened.

    Is Stockholm Syndrome a condition worthy of tort? If not, the women in the compounds need to be prosecuted for aiding him and not defending their own children.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Sexual abuse is exalted in that culture. I agree the moms should go to prison for being accessories to rape and conspiracy to rape.

    Reporters who cover local news say this has been happening for more than one hundred years. Authorities always knew. The girls and lost boys were expendable. I don't like polygamy but maybe the First Amendment permits polygamy. The law outlawing was upheld but a long time ago. Nothing allows rape of children. Yet we've allowed it by inaction.

    I am upset that I cared about the Khmer Rouge more than I cared about girls in my own country. I should have worried about napalm after taking political action or writing letters to put pressure. We all knew about it. Somehow their relatively small size made it all right.

    He is directing the affairs of the church from prison. People gather to hear his telephonic sermons. Prison officials says he forks over more than ten thousand dollars/month in phone credit. This is not religion. Jesus said clearly that bigamy was not to exist. I think bigamy is fine when women do it, too. Take multiple male partners. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    I see them in their prairie dresses. Mothers knowing what hell they endured actively engaging in the rape! Of course, I thought of the masses of Behtelites between factory shifts. The very young boys ejected so the older men can have even more young girls--it is nauseating.

    He will serve a long prison sentence. Somehow the cult must be stopped. I don't know how. Social workers said that many girls begged to not have to go back once they tasted freedom and caring. The mothers should go to prison with Jeffs.--in a separate prison.

  • thetrueone

    I think it becomes much more of a demeaning social issue when so called church leaders openly prey on young pubescent girls,

    simple out sexual gratification, enforcing their sick immoral desires by virtue of and because of their religious communal position

    they have within their own self created community.

    Essentially they pick their wifes to be like they are picking out a suit in a clothing store.

    You can also assume the church leaders have the up rated personal status to pick and choose who they think are the prettiest

    of these very young girls.

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