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  • jam

    Five min. ago while reading the new topics for the day

    I heard some one talking at my front door. I got up

    and low and behold, two JW,s (young ladies).

    I told them A elder was here two weeks ago, we talk

    and I told him I use to be JW A elder. One ask do you have the

    lastest WT, no I do not need it. Well sir have A nice day.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    not sure of your story but hope this doesn't start a witch hunt on you!!

    Don't let it ruin your day!FS

  • MrFreeze

    I dont get it. Whats strange aboout JWs at your door?

  • jam

    Why it,s strange. Two weeks ago I had A lengthen

    discussion with A elder that came to my door. I posted

    the conversation. Uo to two weeks ago, maybe once or

    twice A year A JW would come to my door. I figure after

    I reveal myself to the elder (ex-Elder, ex-missionary), they

    would put me on the list,(not to call on).

    I mention to my JW daughter, I had A long conversation

    with A elder, she stated, Dad you don,t know how often I have

    prayed to Jehovah, for him to open your eyes. So you see

    two weeks later, JW at my door. I thought it was strange

    because my daughter lives in A different state, she grew up

    in this area, she know many of the JW,s in the area.

  • sd-7

    Must be a sign from above. God is calling you back to his ... Aw, Lawd, I can't finish that sentence!


  • Honesty

    It's a sign.

    Probably from one of the resurrected ones of the 24-elders group who is involved in the communication of divine truths today.

  • jam

    SD-7; If this is A sign from above, all I can say,

    God must be Desperate..

  • ziddina

    I suspect that your daughter has contacted some of her former acquaintances - you'll notice that I didn't call them "friends", as every single one of them would drop your daughter's friendship in a heartbeat if she ever did or said anything against "Mother"...

    As I was saying, it appears that your daughter may have contacted some of the JWs in your area and aimed them at your door...

    But this would be a GREAT opportunity for you to do some "anti-Witnessing"... See how many doubts you can raise in THEIR minds...


  • jam

    Ziddina: That,s what I had in mind, I hope you are

    right. Yes I will play their game.

  • ziddina

    Yay!! Go, Jam!!

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