Watchtower Dress Code at Elder School — Knorr Style!

by Marvin Shilmer 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    And I'd like to see them wear top hats inside.....a fashion faux pas for some.

    No colored shirts

    No short sleeve shirts (even under suit jackets)

    No brown shoes

    No casual looking black shoes (wing tips preferred)

    Jacket and pants must match and be (gray, black, navy only)

    Ties were carefully scrutinized (I remember a brother who had an ordinary tie until you got to the tip which was hidden)

    No string ties

    No cowboy boots

    No white or light socks, black was required or rather "preferred"

    Only jewelry allowed was a wedding ring and a watch (cuff links if appropriate)

  • james_woods

    Blondie - seriously: That used to be exactly (practically line for line) the EDS and IBM dress code for anyone in contact with the public.

    We changed it about the 21st century - IBM is now business casual except in very special circumstances.

  • blondie

    Yes, but the WTS doesn't realize that IBM or EDS have moved on. Even the bank I worked at years ago has adjusted. I work in a legal community now and have seen the changes over the years while the WTS is still locked into women always wearing dresses for picnics, hiking, picking apples on a ladder from the tree, etc. There was a time that women in the WTS could hardly get approval to wear slacks to garden in. I was surprised we weren't forced to wear dresses to work in the vegetable and fruit picking time at Bethel.

    IBM through the years

  • blondie

    james, I was serious, all those rules were applied in the congregation, CA, DC some time in the last 30 years. Granted they might have been unwritten, but they could keep you off the platform.

  • minimus

    In the 50's, everyone on tv dressed like the Cleavers. I think I even see Beaver in that pic!

  • wobble

    You got X-Ray specs on Min ? Beaver ?

    I was never an Elder, but went to MS schools, at the time I did not own a suit, and many like me, turned up in Jacket and non-matching trousers, all wore a tie though.

    No wonder one of our posters has renamed Knorr as " Nofun Knorr ", his spirit lives on, and grows, any fun there used to be in the JW cult is now gone.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I practice law. Unless there is a court appearance, business casual reigns. The large global corporate firms still have corporate attire rules.

    Few Witnesses can afford nicely tailored clothes which are very expensive. I wear more dresses than suits as a result of the high cost.

    Most Witnesses stand out b/c of their dress. They are not blending. School uniforms still reign. Cleanliness and neatness would be good standards. I must say all Witnesses I see are clean and neat. I suspect uniformity to further bind us together as separate from the world.

    I had such a strange reaction viewing the photo. Since I don't see many vintage photos, the all white male presence in such numbers was staggering. The exclusion of minorities and women is so obvious. Well, at least the women don't wear prairie skirts. Nuns wore habits. I was so afraid of nuns with the extreme habits before Vatican II.

    Frankly, I adore well tailored suits made of Italian fabric. I am not envious of men who wear ties, though. Sometimes I am completely stunned by what is acceptable in the workforce today. I would send people home to change. A Burberry is the perfect touch. I would think the course content and their pupose in becoming elders was more important than a ridiculously, detailed dress code. What thing perplexes me? Why when individuals such as Knorr and Franz reigned, were the restrictions lighter? It seems that rule by committee is even more arbitrary. Perhaps making all these rules are delegated to one member.

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