Sister Nancy Garrido, Witness of Jehovah

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  • skeeter1

    No wonder the WTS doesn't want to comply with Victoria Austrailia's laws on background checks for ministers.....

  • Scott77

    I want to thank everyone who have updated me about Sister Nancy Garrido as one of a Witness of Jehovah. I am very much profoundly shocked and feel troubled that people like Sister Nancy Garrido and her husband, were sheltered in the comfort of the Kingdom Hall, their horrible kidnapping crime against the society notwithstanding. So much for the so called God's representtive people on earth. What a shame! Nathan Natas, its going to be very difficult for me to find out whether those two troubled persons were disfellowship.


  • AnneB

    This is the part I don't get...why haven't they gone after the mom? Surely she knew the child didn't belong in the house with them! I read that she's now in a nursing home, and has been for three years, but still....

    Brother Garrido's mum was a Dub too. Living in the house with them.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Scott77, just call Bethel and tell the operator you have seen news reorts that the garridos were once associated with the JWs and you want to know if they've been disfellowshipped for their crimes or if the congregation still welcomes them. If Bethel won't tell you, call the Kingdom Hall nearest the garrido home and tell them that as a God-fearing Christian, you can't understand how such evil people would be allowed to join their church. Be sure to let us know what you find out, please.

  • Gayle

    They went to Antioch, his mother's home, in 1988, on parole. I checked there is an Antioch Congregation,,wish someone could investigate there and break through any secrets that could be in that congregation then? Diane Sawyer?

  • Balaamsass

    BTT - WOW!

  • Refriedtruth

    So, when did Phillip Garrido first join the WatchTower Cult?IT IS BELIEVED THAT PHILLIP GARRIDO FIRST STARTED ATTENDING A KINGDOM HALL OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES SOMETIME IN THE EARLY 1970s -- possibly even as early as 1969-70, when Garrido was only 19-20 years old. Garrido either attended the Brentwood, California Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, or the Oakley, California Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, or both, at various times

    Updated companion thread tying in more

  • Balaamsass

    What facility is Nancy in now?

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    This just makes me so angry. I wonder why I haven't heard more about this on the news. This aspect, I mean. Hmm.

  • Balaamsass


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