just saw something that made me sick

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  • cptkirk

    was flipping through the channels and stopped on the history channel. it was a program apparently discussing the "7 deadly sins" . they get to sloth, and immediately goto pictures of starving,diseased,dying pictures of africans? these gd lazy people are to lazy to eat! wow. i feel like oliver stone when he said he thought the gordon geckos of the world died off after the 1987 stock market crash, while observing the crash of 2008. i thought these bastards who beat up on the sickly as being "lazy" or "slothful" died out, guess we were both wrong. the cycles just never die do they? matter of fact lemme load up my rolls, sort of bored today...going to pull up in my rolls with my mink coat on and diamonds, and pull up on these africans and mock them for being lazy fools. then after i'm done mocking them, i'm going to contact my friend over at channel 57. i'm going to see if he'll let me run footage of dying,diseased people for an hour on his channel, a telethon, evoking as much empathy as possible for these lazy slothful maggots.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
  • cptkirk

    pot=bad buddy.

    pretty simple. sick people != sloth.

    yes i know you are still confused, it's ok.

  • mummatron

    they get to sloth, and immediately goto pictures of starving,diseased,dying pictures of africans? these gd lazy people are to lazy to eat!

    Did they really make that point? That would be opening themselves up to many complaints. Could they perhaps have been showing the exact opposite of sloth in contrast to the sin to make a point as to why sloth is sinful?

  • cptkirk


    3:40 - it doesn't speak up against it, it's just to lazy? are you ...#$%#$ kidding me?

  • mummatron

    Thanks for finding that to clarify cptkirk. I am shocked! That is a pretty sick attitude. As if someone that malnourished would have the energy to speak out and be proactive for their cause!!! Just goes to show how narrow-minded and 'holier than thou' some Christians can be...

  • unshackled

    First, yeah that show is complete garbage.

    But the actual quote you mentioned says this: "Sloth...is a lethargic attitude....It is sloth that let's poverty and injustice and suffering exist all around the world and doesn't speak up against it." Nothing about sloth means you're too lazy to eat. The pic of the starving children was in reference to the suffering.

    Regardless, those shows are sensationalistic crap.

  • NewChapter

    What unshackled said. It's apathy and not being concerned enough to do anything for those who suffer.

    THAT SAID, before I was a witness I attended a bible study with a friend. The leader of that group said that poverty was a sin. So that mind set does exist, especially among the Healther Wealthers.


  • shechaiyah

    I am acquainted, on Facebook, with a young 17-yr old orphan, who cares for his grandmother, age 89.

    Since the beginning of the year, I've been helping them out, because Kassim no longer has money to go to school which is $50 a month.

    His father is blind; his mother, dead; no siblings, no cousins. Food costs $120 a month.

    Medicine for malaria is $20 a dose. Drinking water when there is no rain is $1 a day.

    He worked for the drug store delivering packages for a while, but did not earn enough to feed both himself and Grandma.

    I sent him seeds and he planted a garden; but all the plants dried up. Then the rain came down hard and the "house" washed away.

    The local Christian Church doesn't care; the village Chief doesn't care; the doctor only cares about getting paid.

    Now I am beginning to understand what a NON-CIVIL or UNCIVILIZED society is: it's people who don't care about other people.

    Let's not be that way, is my plea and hope.


  • cptkirk

    shechaiyah thankyou for sharing that. it's stories like that which prompt me to get so infuriated when i see videos as in this history channel clip above. obviously my statement about the guy saying they are to lazy to eat was a satircal comment, based off a realistic idealology that exists ,which may as well say they are to lazy to eat. it's the same thing southpark does. in this case it's far from funny though. the most sanitized clear thinking take on what the commentator in the clip was actually saying was still beyond offensive, no matter which way you slice it. these guys feel like they have "the math"...and if only everyone would listen to them, everything would be fine. they will try every means necessary to force people into following them through subtle or salient means....we know how that show ends, it ends in even more misery and complete conflagration.

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