What was the source of Ptolemy's Astronomical Data used in the Almagest?

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    Historical Eclipses and Earth’s Rotation



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    Hi Doug:

    So that I do not have to wade through all the detail, could you tell me very simply which date you start from and where you get that originating date from.

    Thanks, Doug

    Okay. There is a Biblical and secular basis for dating the rule of Nebuchadnezzar II.

    1) BIBLICAL. This is classic Martin Anstey per his "Romance of Bible Chronology" where he clearly understands that Cyrus must fulfill the "70 weeks" prophecy which means the messiah is baptized 69 weeks (483 years) from the return from Babylon in the 1st of Cyrus. Based on 29 CE for the baptism of Christ, 455 BCE becomes the date that begins this prophecy. This is very fundamental and the WTS likewise dates the beginning of the "70 weeks" prophecy in 455 BCE. The difference is, the WTS assigns year 20 of Artaxerxes to 455 BCE but Martin Anstey assigns this date to the 1st of Cyrus as I do. We then simply go back in time 70 years to the last deportation to 525 BCE, year 23 of Nebuchadnezzar II. This establishes year 7 in 541 BCE and year 37 in 511 BCE per the Bible.

    2) SECULAR:

    a. the VAT4956: Dates year 37 of Neb2 alternatively to 511 BCE (Lines 3 and 14).

    b. the SK400 dates "year 7" of Neb2 to 541 BCE.

    That is where the dating is originating from.


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