Do You Want Unconditional Love?

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  • cult classic
    cult classic

    My family has always kept dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, bunnies, guinea pigs.


  • mouthy

    I was a JW for 25 years.I love animals....I had a samoyed named Kitsie.She was a wonderful friend

    She had Cancer when she was 17 yrs old, & we had to put her to sleep.It was Awful!!!!! we missed her so.

    How did we come to have her??? I had a study Molly ( trying to make her a JW) I took my Melanie with me

    she was only 10 at the time... The woman bred these dogs. And my Mell would make such a fuss of her pups.
    The woman sold them for over $100.00 ,we were VERY POOR!!!! then she asked Mell if she would like
    a puppy? You know the answer.So Molly the lady that raised them ,offered it for 40.00 to me. What could I do???
    I wanted so much to" HOOK" the woman into the cult. I got the pup.At a great hardship to me for funds.
    but we adored our pup!loved her for 17 yrs. Mell was so saddned when she died.( as we all were)
    Mell died when she was 42. When she was dying ( 1 yr & 7 months)she used to say." I hope I see Kitsie
    again, "As we were NOW OUT of the Watchtower.
    Then you have all read about my bird!!!! I taught her to say (when I was still in the cult)
    "Jehovah,JehovaH" &" Armeggedons coming"Now you know why my hubby ( who was not a JW)
    used to beat me.... Poor Frank he died before I came out of the cult. I wished I could have told him

    I was nuts. So we had love UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from OUR KITZIE

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    Thank you all for your comments.

    Nomad Soul: I feel sorry for you that you have not come to know love from animals. You must be willing to give unconditional love to get unconditional love.

    Robdar: We raised our boys with dogs and cats too. They learned much from caring for pets.

    Morbidzbaby:I had a hamster as a child. I agree, they can be interesting as well.

    aSphereisnotaCircle: Saying animals are unclean is following the Mosaic Law which Jesus did away with. The GB is anti everything that takes away time from worshipping them.

    Twitch: Caring for animals is a blessing. Helps us to be more compassionate toward fellow human beings.

    dogisgod: I'm so happy you grew up with animals so you could be here to share with us on the forum. I hope you have some true friends now. Most of the "friends" in the organization are conditional. PM me and I will be your unconditional friend.

    mummatron: All of our current animals are rescued too. Somehow they seem to know you reached out to them and seem to be more loyal and affectionate. Well maybe not the cats.

    LV101: Owning a dog is truly a gift. Those who dislike animals don't know what they're missing. Then again I wouldn't want an irresponsible person to have any animal.

    Lozhasleft: There is no truer companion than a dog. Daisy sounds like one terrific dog.

    cult classic: That's quite a menagerie you were raised with.

    Reopened Mind

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind


    You must have been posting while I was answering the others.

    The hardest thing about owning an animal is saying good bye when they die. Some have died at home. Some I had to have put down because they were in such pain I couldn't bear to let them suffer any more.

    You are such a character for teaching your bird such bad words! LOL

    Truly some of our animals tug at our heartstrings more than the others.

    I spoke so fondly of my first dog, the little poodle, that my DIL surprised me with a toy poodle in 2002. Sadly she was killed by a coyote two years later. So we went to an animal rescue organization and brought home a black lab. She is such a sweetheart. Shortly after that my other DIL gave me her poodle. The lab is TotallyADD's and the poodle is mine, well sort of---if either one of us leave they both look out the window for us.

    So Mouthy, did you HOOK the woman into the cult? Sounds like she was a kindly lady with a soft spot for Mell. You never forget such kindnesses.

    Reopened Mind

  • mouthy

    No my love I didnt hook her. I was SURE I was gonna....
    spent two years of going to her house . had to walk a long way also
    couldnt afford the bus fair...She must have had a guardian Angel watching over her....LOL

    YOU & TOTALLY make GREAT "Looker Afters"

  • TotallyADD

    What other guy gets to go to bed every night with 3 girls. All that unconditional love. Totally ADD

  • mouthy

    O.k. Totallyadd. You want a load of jealous guys responding. LOL

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