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  • Bangalore

    Just found this new site named Inside The Watchtower. Has articles written by JWNers.


  • clarity

    Hey where did that come from .... very interesting stuff.

    I think that the more "sophisticated" writing style may prove to be a bit difficult for many people to wade through however. Time will tell.

    Anyway when the 'DRAMA' popped up, I thought oh good ... haven't sat through one of those for at least 10 years!

    Omg it all came rushing back! Funny thing, never in 50 years have I liked watching those things................and I hate them even more now.


  • Mad Sweeney
  • zoiks

    Nice site. Good article, Mad Sweeney

    I must admit that watching the video of the 2011 convention drama was almost unbearable...but I couldn't look away. What a mess.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Well you guys beat me to it. You and nearly 750 viewers, over a third from JWN alone. Here's the link to the home page:

    I was going to announce the site on Monday, August 1. I had a half dozen or so additional articles to put up (Len Miller's went up late this afternoon, and Sweeney has a part 2 following right behind), when Comcast decided to do some maintenance on their Xfinity high speed internet service in my neighborhood. Damn them all to hell!!!

    I was making good progress early in the day yesterday, when down the net went again. Called Comcast and got this answer: "We haven't really shut it down, but just reduced the circuits and slowed (choked) down the speeds for a few hours.

    So I've been unable to do anything substantial until this afternoon - although I am told by Comcast that they will be working most every night for the rest of the week.

    I want to thank Mad Sweeney, Len Miller (FatFreek), Paul Grundy, Blondie and all the others who chipped in or allowed me to steal their stuff. I haven't scratched the surface yet, and hope that a few more of you folks (Marvin Shilmer, call me!) will allow me to steal your stuff too.

    Actually, Inside the Watchtower is designed to take a little different approach to JW and Watchtower criticism. In my introductory article, I explain what I am hoping the site will do:

    "This website is primarily dedicated to revealing what it is like being a Jehovah’s Witness – or a member of a Witness family. Why do we care? Why bother? Why don’t we just go on about our lives and leave the Witnesses and their Watchtower Society alone?

    "We feel that revealing the real truth about “The Truth” will open the eyes and hearts of many Jehovah’s Witnesses, forcing them to actually examine the facts about their religion. We want to help them to decide if they are part of a cult, or are actually legitimate followers of Jesus Christ. We are not going to criticize individual rank and file Jehovah’s Witnesses – but intend to very carefully scrutinize the teachings and actions of the leadership of the Watchtower organization."

    All you have to do is just page back through the archives of JWN and some of the other forums and you will find amazing posts and comments that are written with far more clarity (and, yes, brevity) than I could ever hope to produce. is designed to become a filter for some of the best stuff available and an archive for some gems that have been moved to dusty online storage files.

    In my research I have come across some amazing material that has barely seen the light of day. Barbara Anderson, Paul Grundy and others (Marvin Shilmer - call me!) have come up with some amazing finds. But my goal is not entirely to criticize the Watchtower - but rather to set a palatable table of real "food" and "truth" before current JWs who might be having second thoughts. I am also hoping that people who are studying with JWs will also find the site and be forewarned about how their lives will change if they let the Watchtower's hook set into them.

    New articles are coming from Dick Kelly and a couple of writers who have been very quiet lately. Blondie has given me permission to publish her current "Comments You Won't Hear at the Watchtower Study" and some of her older gems in a "Best of Blondie" section. I think everyone will enjoy the "Watchtower Book Review," an actual revisiting of many of the past books published by the Watchtower over the years. Amazing stuff awaits us!

    Again - thanks for everyone's support. Visit and comment when you can. Use the comment form to send comments and suggestions about the site. Let me know if you want a copy of the submission guidelines emailed to you.

    Juan Viejo

    AKA "exjwdotcommie"

  • Curtains

    great site Juan

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Thanks for the TU, Curtains!

  • Lozhasleft

    It looks excellent ....well done !

    Loz x

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Just a quick FYI.

    Mad Sweeney's 2nd part of his District Convention article is up at . Nice work - thanks Sweeney!

    Last night after dinner I noticed a message had come in through the form located on the Contact page. So I know it works. That was the good news.

    The bad news was I was accused of telling a fib! I was shocked!

    I've gotten some harsh stuff in the past, and I'm used to JWs screeching hate on Yahoo! Answers, Topix, and other sites. But as long as I've been a webmaster and editor (, I've never caught hell like I did last night from one anonymous JW (I think).

    After I cooled down, I decided NOT to ignore it. I really don't appreciate being called a "liar" (I still remember getting my mouth washed out with soap by my mother whenever she thought I'd fashioned a big one), so I felt this time I'd respond rather than just delete the message and go on with my evening.

    I was accused of lying about JWs use of corporal punishment and the existence of "spanking rooms." I know how it was when I was growing up - and that's really what I was writing about.

    But maybe I'm wrong.

    Maybe JWs DON'T spank their kids any more.

    Maybe the existence of "spanking rooms" is just a myth.

    I invite everyone here to pop over to and comment on the article "J'accuse." I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue. You can make a comment without giving away a thing - use a pseudonym and a fake email, if you want. I'd really love to see some third party views on this subject.

    I'm sure that Sweeney, FatFreek (Len), Paul Grundy and the others would love to see your comments on their articles as well. They've all done some great work and allowed me to shamelessly steal their best stuff.

    THX again for checking it out.


  • blondie

    No I remember the spanking rooms. It is true that not all jw parents did this, but too many did. My brother went to that room until my mother realized it didn't do any good. I know some parents still spank their kids back in the library or the mother's room. In some countries it is outlawed now so I'm sure about it at the KH.

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