In two sentences: What I learned during my exit from the Watchtower

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    Nugget & Paul: Excellent adages.

    SAB: The Witnesses have buzz terms called "Accurate Knowledge", "Thinking Ability" and "Discernment." Those who chose to remain could use the above sentences to back up their decision to stay.

    The dubs in my life always seemed to equate the term critical thinking with independent thinking - a no-no for "True Christians". In fact, every time I've mentioned "critical thinking" to a JW family member, he or she acted like I broke a 10 second stink-biscuit.




    Recently I had my JW brother tell me that if 'he kept talking to me, I might cause him to start using critical thinking, too.' GASP! Why would he say that if he didn't perceive it as being a negative thing?

  • SweetBabyCheezits
    Those who chose to remain could use the above sentences to back up their decision to stay.

    I beg to differ. The JW faith is the antithesis of critical thinking, not by my word or yours, but by definition. Contrast "spiritual integrity" (a factor in faith) with "intellectual integrity" (a factor in critical thinking). Which one of those would a JW give priority?

    These are two different realms of thought. And while a JW may try to argue that he is a "critical thinker," the proof is in the pudding. He will not actively try to break down his own faith but, instead, seeks to protect it.

    Science thrives on scrutiny. Faith and religion do not. Unwavering loyalty is a defining characteristic of JW faith, among others. So I don't know how a JW could legitimately use those two sentences in the OP to justify a decision to stay.

    A delusional person shouldn't be allowed to redefine words and terms to suit his or her fancy. We're talking about a set of skills that is in not defined by the WTBTS but by educators outside of their society.

    Either way, I won't avoid terms that a JW might misrepresent because of his own ignorance. When I talk about truth, I don't mean The [proprietary] Truth.

    For them to genuinely believe they're using critical thinking would just mean they're ignorant of all that CT entails. And if they remained willfully ignorant instead of researching it, the point is demonstrated even further.

  • cptkirk

    in layman's terms - if i drive a Bugatti Veyron , i know the truth is i can blow everyone off the road...i invite anyone to break down the schematics of the car itself, or race me on the road to prove otherwise, because i know the truth about the car. the witnesses refuse to do this about their "truth".

  • andys

    I have learned how to think outside the cage..........................................................

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