40 Years to Newport, Folk Festival

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  • designs

    I have been wanting to go to the Newport Folk Festival for some 40 years. Pioneering back in the late 60's and early 70's such Events were considered 'Wordly', remember.

    Well we made it Sunday. A beautiful clear Sunday at the Festival on the Harbor in Newprt Rhode Island. It lived up to every expectation and more. Several Peaceniks gathered at the Sold Out Event. There were young musicians keeping Traditional music alive like The Civil Wars, and new sounds from a group called The Carolina Chocolate Drops who mixed Hip Hop and Bluegrass (it really worked well). And music from old timers like Wanda Jackson, who in her 80's now sand a version of Amy Winehouse's I'm No Good that had everyone on their feet.

    There were special once in a life time moments. The Mrs. got to sing with Pete Seeger in the Children's Tent, PETE SEEGER! Elvis Costello came out and gave an electrifying performance and really cranked up the Amps and finished with What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding.

    Emmy Lou Harris came out an sang a song about Orphans that every one of us xJWs knows so well, the loss of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisiters, and friends. 'I am alone now, I am an Orphan'. She sang into the evening with that voice that touches us all about loss. She sang a song about losing the one great love of her life, Gram Parsons, about home, marriage. Her most touching song was about a young teenage black who was brutally murdered by a southern White back in 1957 for speaking to a white girl. His death along with Rosa Parks sparked the Civil Rights era and the cry for Justice and Civil rights for all. I guess that's why now I'm a peace activist and work so hard for civil and environmental causes.

    The evening closed with the great old man himself, Pete Seeger, coming onstage and leading us all in a sing along. Thousands stood before the stage and sang Turn Turn Turn and Where Have All The Flowers Gone. I don't know how we all sang so well we were all teared up and crying at the same time.

    A perfect day to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    That sounds like a wonderful way to spend an anniversay. I'm jealous.



  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was too young to go in its hedy day. The Village Voice gave it tons of press coverage as did the New York Times. I have some Dylan DVDs from the Festival in the early 1960s. One of them shows Pete Seeger having a fit when Dylan went electric. My generation associated it with Dylan and Dylan. His curmudgeonly, almost hostile, stage presence was very different. He is very relaxed, happy, even giggles. The audeince is accomodated.

    I saw Dylan perfrom at the Bangladesh Concert sponsored by George Harrison. He took the concert from George Harrison. I saw both performances. This is strange b/c he took some time tuning up and I later found out he told George he could not do it. George said tough luck. I used to see many groups at the Filmore, attended Woodstock, every free concert at Central Park. Concerts were much more affordable. Bangladesh was the best. The WHO, the Stones, McCartney,--Dylan was superb.

    I rushed to get tickets for his commercial concerts a few motnhs later. There should have been a court order that we get refunds.

    If only I were a few years older, Newport would have been a venue for me. I always wanted to see the mansions, too.

    Well, I can attend now. We have a local folk festival, Philadelphia, not near Philly. You reignited an old desire. The history of Newport must be amazing. Is Newport still in Newport. I believe I saw some events scheduled in Manhattan. Good for you. A nonWitness activity.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Pete Seeger memories. I saw Pete several times in NYC and at every major antiwar demo in NY and DC.

    No demonstration was complete without Pete's sing a longs.

    I thought he was so old. H HA! He was good clean fun. I recall the Smothers Brothers epipsode. He was relaxed and passionate at the same time. Peter Paul and Mary had a similar energy. If he performed Marxist songs and the Internationale while lecturing us, he would no appeal.

    Recently, I saw him perform on PBS. Well, it had to be PBS, right? He looked very well. It warmed my heart to see him.

    I can just see him in the children's tent.

  • BluesBrother

    I stumbled upon the Carolina Chocolate Drops when I was surfing YouTube recently - I thought they were brilliant !

    The Newport Folk Festival always looks special . I have only seen films from the late fifties when Bob Dylan was making his name.

    I'll bet it was a great day you had. There is NOTHING like live music...

  • Dagney

    36 years!!! I remember that day designs. (and all those people who don't like us anymore! ;-))

    What a special celebration. When are you back?

  • designs

    Hi D..

    Soon, still on the road. We were all puppies back then, I think there's a little grey in the ol muzzle now.....

    We'll get together soon, Much Love.

    Turn Turn Turn

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