Crossing a WT line- giving "apostate" literature to my friend

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  • RayPublisher

    I had to do it- I gave my asleep JW friend a flash drive yesterday with Ray's books, info on 607 vs 587, etc. He knows I have "doubts" and that I've read these books but he has been cool about it and had already said he wouldn't rat me out.

    So I figured I would take the next step now and give him the knowledge and see if he looks into it. This is a lot more tangible evidence and if it fell into the wrong hands they would have plenty of evidence to try and DF me but I don't worry any longer, they're only men.

    Keep your fingers crossed lol...

  • wobble

    I hope you do not experience what I did, I foolishly trusted an old friend who was a MS who promised not to rat me out, but he spoke of the fact that I had given him some material and was overheard by the P.O/COBOE who promptly initiated a two Elder visit on me.

    I managed very well, with excellent advice from the fine people of JWN to talk my way out of it, I have not had a visit since. It can be dodgy though, but you sound as if you feel as I do, if they nail me, so what ? DF me ? I don't fellowship anyway, and never will, so DF away suckers !

    I don't particularly want to be DF'd or DA'd, 'coz I get to talk to Dubs sometimes and plant a seed, but if it happens, it won't faze me.

  • DesirousOfChange

    This is a lot more tangible evidence and if it fell into the wrong hands they would have plenty of evidence to try and DF me...

    DENY DENY DENY -- If the "friend" turns you in, say he's a f***ing LIAR. Obviously confused about who gave him what flashdrive. They one you gave him only had the pornography he had downloaded on your computer. Time that they should ask him who that other apostate bastard is that he's associating with.

  • RayPublisher

    @DOC - Theocratic war strategy at its finest.

    There's a cool line in the show Big Love (the last season) where Bill Paxton tells an LDS man something to the effect, "You and I both know that our forefathers in the Mormon Church told lies and prevarications to the heathen to obscure our true purpose and that this is an established way of doing business among the church to this day."

  • mouthy

    What happened did you hear any more from him????>I am nosy

  • dm6

    MOuthy! I honestly was just thinkingof you and wondered where you disappeared to! Your back!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    i told someone i was close friends with that i had suspicions about the gb and off to the elders she went it did surprise me but thats ok it accelerated my thnking and my departure.

    So be prepared

  • punkofnice

    I'm with DOC. Great plan.

  • punkofnice
  • RayPublisher

    Ms Mouthy: you asked, "What happened did you hear any more from him????"

    We talk every week, and I have not brought it up, hoping that he will at some point. Even the Org wised up over the years and at the service meeting say you shouldn't go back and ask, "Hello...have you read the literature I left you yet?"

    But I am hoping he will say something about it at some point...

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