Is the Watchtower stubbornly holding onto the 70 year exile figure within the Old Testament?

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  • PSacramento

    DJ has shown over and over again that he has NO IDEA what he is talking about and that he refuses to accept ANYTHING other than what the WT tells him, even if it flies in the face ot DIRECT teachings of Christ.

    Why you guys even bother is beyond me but I admire your tenacity.

    The fact that the WT needs to interpret these bible passages erroneously so that their 1914 doctrine and, perhaps more importantly for THEM, their 1919 doctrine ( that THEY were the ones chosen by Christ) are shown to be "biblical", is based on a screwed up mixed bag of calculations that go in direct violation of what Christ taught and that, was to To NOT try to "guess" when he would return because it is NOT anyone's business but GOD'S.

    The more they adhere to 1914, to 607 and to the incorrect interpretation of the 70 years, the more they show how against Christ they truly are.

  • lepavoux

    It dos'nt matter about 607 BC or 587 BC, why not? Because Daniel 4 had no 2nd fulfillment of the chopped down tree, it was all made up by people who lived before Charles Russell, therefore there is no 2520 years, no 1914, no 1919, no 1914 "Overlapping Generation".

    Therefore all of you Jehovah's Witnesses who are reading these posts need to THINK and to search for what the real truth is---it's there for you if you really want to fined it!

  • wobble

    As Doug Mason shows on other threads, they just made all this nonsense up with no backing whatsoever from scripture or history.

    J.W's, wakeup and smell the B.S, I mean coffee.

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