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  • paulnotsaul

    Hi everyone. Sorry it took so long to introduce myself. My name is Eric but I go by the handle paulnotsaul. Like many in this forum I also had to admit I had a problem with addiction. My addiction problem was "the truth". I just couldn't get enough of it. As long as I went to my dealer (the WTBTS) thru their supplier (the FDS) I could get all "the truth" I needed. All I had to do was be loyal to the organization and they would'nt cut me off from "the truth". Cause its said that once you have "the truth" were else could you go? So here I am after being hooked on "the truth" for most of my life. I hope you can help to ease the pains of my withdraw from "the truth". I pray with each others support we can beat this addiction and break free from this demon they call "the truth". Oh, one more thing Belief beyond proof is Faith Belief in spite of Truth is Folly. Not my words but makes sense though,right. This is only part of my story but if you have the time I'd like to tell more of it someday. Peace to All paulnotsaul

  • White Dove
    White Dove


  • diamondiiz

    Welcome, Research as much as you can and that will help with your addiction. Nothing helps more than realizing that the addiction you speak of is like cancer that just debilitates mind and body.

  • Gayle

    Tip: every time your lingering JW mind says "the Truth," quickly, re-state it, "The Program." JW truth = The Program.

  • sizemik

    Welcome paulnotsaul . . .

    Enjoy the coming fruits of your rehabilitation

  • shamus100

    Welcome. You're on the road to recovery.

    The sad truth is people who are addicted to 'the truth' want to be addicted to it. Much like a drug addict, you can probably never get them to quit unless they want to. Those idiotic assholes in Bethel could tell people not to wear underwear anymore and people would listen. They want it to be real, therefore it is.

    Sorry, we won't be in paradise on earth petting cobras and cleaning lion crap forever. :'(

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the forum Eric.

    I have quite a few family members with the same addiction.

    The don't like going to Rehab



  • shamus100

    Oh, I try to make rehab a little fun, though. There's enough crying and pain on here, monkey love will get you far.

  • TotallyADD

    Welcome paulnotsaul. I think I PM my phone number to you give me a call. It would be great to talk to you. I am a born-in and all I know is this cult. Now in my late 50's I am working hard to change my whole life. So give us a call and hopefully we can ease both our feelings. Take care. Totally ADD

  • Knowsnothing

    Hey paul, withdrawl is common with any addiction or obsession (this case being obsession).

    I sometimes find myself feeling that way too, considering I recently disassociated and everyone around me is JW.

    In my case, it's a JW's world. It ain't easy....


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