Is the New Testament Just a Pagan Corruption of the Old Testament?

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    Band on the Run

    A casual reading of the New Testament in comparison with the Old Testament finds a different revelation of God. The mountain god YHWH is supplanted by a much more loving God.

    I believe in the big picture of the Bible wihtout believing fundamentally that everything n the Bible is literal. Revelation is a great example of what utter nonsense there is. There are multiple Gensis accounts in the Bible. Any rational reader cannot accept it the way Jerry Falwell or the WT proclaims.

    Virgin actually translates young maiden. The Cecil B/ DeMille and Franco Zefferelli productions of the Bible are entertaining and part of me adores them but Katzenakis, The Last Temptation of Christ and The Gospel of Matthew by the gay Italian communist film maker are much more likely to reveal truth. I've never been to the Holy Land but friends have. The mighty Jordan is a dinky river. Bethelehm has flashing neon signs, very ugly and not holy. Jersualem is a small city. The Mount of Olives is just a hill. Sparkle dust doesn't existi in real life.

    The core can be true. Most of it depends on faith.

    America does not allow its public schools to teach the Bible as an academic discipline. True academic study is only several generatoins old. Sadly, we have eliminated Bible literacy. Without Bible literacy, try understanding Shakespeare and contemporary writers.

    The Bible has much that its priase worthy and wise. I would revile the way it has been used as a social and political force to keep people in line.

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    and NC i have no idea what you mean

    Perhaps I should have said a Jewish corruption of Paganism. I'm tired tonight, so I will just point out a few. The world wide flood. This was already told in Gilgamesh and believed by ancient Sumerians. Much of what is in the OT existed in some form before Moses. Are you familiar with the code of Hammurabi? I had to write a paper on it and was shocked at some of the similiarities between it and the 10 commandments--includiing eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Also the principals for bearing false witness and the punishment of doing so. If a false testimony could have brought the death penalty, then the liar was sentenced to death. I was still a believer when I did this research. Some of Proverbs can be found in older, pagan writings. Just take a look. You may be surprised.


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