Are they really that weak willed?

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  • Botzwana

    I knew a sister from Atlanta who went on a witness cruise. She danced the grind with two ministerial servants. She loved it. One of her Elders said something was inappropiate with the dancing. So then she changed her tune and said the 2 brothers were molesting her on stage. Since they were from a different congregation in another state she tried the rest of the trip to find out their names and to turn them in and get them in trouble. The next year she was DFed....

    What hypocrisy!

  • myohorengekyo

    j-l-p.....the `"strong" in the congregation dont associate with the weak in the "congreation"


  • sizemik
    I have seen so many witnesses able to"blend in", when they are by themselves. Unless they are real banana heads. But add another to the mix and all of a sudden it gets extremely stuffy.

    silver rhino . . . great observation. And very true. Nice to make your acquaintance BTW

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard
    How do you keep a witness from drinking all your beer at your barbecue?
    Invite another witness.

    Love it silver rhino.

  • Tralfamadorian

    I wouldn't say that the Witnesses are feeble minded, but more fear driven. Fear of dying, fear of being DF'd. Well, just about afraid of everything, really. Especially those who were born into it as I was. A child in their formative years is extremely vulnerable to being 'hard-wired' into reacting according to WT demands. It has been decades of strenuous mental, emotional and spiritual struggling to free my mind from their way of thinking.

    If people put down their Watchtowers and just read the bible, they'd see things a lot more clearly. Take for example the scriptures about circumcision and eating food sacrificed to idols. It was clearly stated not to inquire about food sacrificed to idols. But if the person tells you it's a food sacrificed to idols, you abstain. Not for your conscience, but for theirs. The obvious thing that stand out here is that a believer is eating a meal with an unbeliever. OH MY! The second thing strongly applied is that your actions are based on freedom from 'the law.' Doesn't the bible in the greek scriptures say that Christians establish law? How? By doing what their conscience dictates based upon common sense, decency and not stumbling others. In other words, if listening to heavy metal, rap or other music the Watchtower condemns offends your visitor, don't listen to it at that time. I think Jesus' words love your neighbor as yourself means just be yourself, do what you want as long as you don't violate your concience or others' consciences. How else can it be 'The glorious freedom of the sons of God'?

    God wont condemn you, Jesus wont condemn you. Only your conscience can condemn you. If you have the "law written in your heart," you will automatically behave decently and have the freedom to do as you please. I'm very fond of the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do as you will" I also strongly believe in the Thelamite law: "Do as you will shall be the whole of the law" -Alastair Crowley

    And there I go, wandering off topic like the manic depressive I am.

    I'll shut up now. =)

  • jamiebowers

    The rank and file are driven by fear of reproach and a false sense of superiority when it comes to "bad association". The Watchtower's motivation, however, is to isolate and dominate the rank and file.

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