Arbecht Macht Frei

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  • sinis

    Funny how this saying, by the masters of propaganda 70+ years ago prevails in JW culture and in life in general!!! The JW montra is work, work, work for Jehober and you will (maybe) attain perfection in paradise, where you will need to work, work, work, and work some more just to maintain your keep. The world in general uses this as a carrot to keep us sheeple on the treadmill of taxes and death...

  • sinis

    Did I piss someone off from the title? :)

    Hell, don't the rest of you feel like you work, work, work, work, with smoke being blown up our collective asses? Personally I think retirement is a pipe dream though I do my best to save for that day...

  • Nebeska Nada
    Nebeska Nada

    ADMINS, why is sinis allowed to use nazi symbols and mottoes?

  • sinis

    Because its a parody for the 10,000th time AND since the software here will NOT let me change it. Would you prefer a Stalinist sickle and hammer or perhaps Che Guevara? Those seem to be ok in todays world.

  • MrFreeze

    sinis, it is possible that people are put off by the thread because of the title and by your avatar.

    That being said, your post makes a lot of sense.

  • sinis

    Yea I know, trying to thicken the skin of many out there :) The avatar is a parody as already indicated. Funny how 1984 has become a reality - the polie state lives...

    I often wonder to what extent the WTS may have used the propaganda of the 1940's, both here and abroad to control the masses of dubs? Me thinks Goebbels would be proud of Knorr, Franz, Rutherford, etc....

  • VampireDCLXV

    I'll take a bite. Sure, all the preaching and studying that the GB and the WTS imposes on everybody in the bOrg is mostly useless busy work. It's a hamster wheel that gets you nowhere. I does sound a lot like that twisted old piece of WWII German propaganda indeed...


  • sinis

    It does sound like WWII propaganda. Work, work, work, and you will be free... or how about this one - Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer - One People, One Leader, One Nation - sounds like JW propaganda wherein they are "one people", they have "one centralized leadership group", and they are a "nation of god"... here is a thought.... maybe Goebbels borrowed the propaganda from the Dubs..... hahahahahaha

  • Borgia

    Title shoud be: ARBEIT MACHT FREI

    As for Symbols: In my view, symbols are given meaning and therefore power by people. The swastica cross is not original national socialistic but in western culture considered a good luck charm. Talk about perversion. The same with the eagle. Many countries have eagles as an emblem in some shape or form. The iron cross was a reward for outstanding service originally desinged for the Prussian army and later became the sign of the BundesWehr after world war II.

    This brings the question to the forefront about who decides on what basis to deny the use of a symbol?

    But to be fair: works makes free is exactly what the Watchtower is all about: see July KM.



  • fokyc

    Work does make you free! If you save for your retirement;

    it just didn't work for a large number of the residents of Auschwitz/ Oswiecim.

    Many who worked in the local work places ended up being turned into synthetic petrol;

    when they could work no more they were thrown into the ovens at the AG Farben chemical plant!

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