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  • sinis

    Matthew 8:28-34

    This event speaks of the demon known as Legion, and jesus allows them to enter swine and they all run off a cliff. The question I have is why would anyone be herding swine when Jewish AND Islamic doctrine/beliefs do NOT allow swine to be eaten or touched due to being an unclean animal??? From a story perspective the demon(s) would be unclean and thus enter into an unclean animal - I get this part, but from a factual perspective (if you take the account literal) I was under the impression that swine would not be raised as a source of food, etc???

  • cantleave

    It was in the Decapolis, a Greek area, the Swine were being raised for the Greek market

    JUST REALISED MY 7000th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sinis

    OK, interesting. That would make sense then. Now assuming all this is a true story, why would a demon called legion, which I believe is 6000, want to leave humans for pigs and then run off into death, leaving no host???

  • Diest

    Well why would drinking unicorn's blood make you immortal? It is the story people made up. They had a bunch of pigs that ran off a cliff and could not figure it out.

    In the bible story he might have known he could not resist Jesus so he made the point of killing something before Jesus could stop him...

    PS Islam did not start till 622/3 AD.

    PPS Sinis what does your ICON symbol stand for/what does it represent to you.

  • sinis

    I realise the islam thingy/date - should have specified the generic semitic cultures where pre-islamic arabs pretty much held similiar beliefs to jewish traditions, etc, ie pork...

    Its the police state flag of nazi germany 70+ years ago. It is a parody - since what democracy has fought so hard against, has for all intents and purposes become. 1984 is alive and well...

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