Jehovah's happy people know more about HATE! What say you?

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  • cptkirk

    these people are nuts. i've thought about situations like that and said to myself, i'm going to just give this guy a beatdown, maybe that will wake him up to reality. then i think it through and realize, the poor bastard wont change a lick and will just be the same guy now with a seriously bruised spirit. and a wife that is out to get me, i've had enough of them. i let some of them run their spiel (haha was looking for spelling on spiel, and said "do you mean sheeple?"), and dont think much of it, because i know they are doing what they think is right. those other guys that hide their tempers in their sheperding are the worst though. the more i think about it, i just see them as more and more pitiable more than anything.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Wow, shouting in public? What a nut.

    You should have told him to take a pill and calm down before he popped a gasket.

  • glenster

    It looks like this has been updated since the last time I looked:

    "murder everyone, in the end!'
    Atheists and believers have the same death for everyone yet ability to be glad
    for a shot at life and what good they found in it. It really isn't a deciding
    factor. God "Murders" is incorrect given God's prerogative goes with the
    concept, though.

    Personal interpretation of death and afterlife can be anything from exclusive
    to all-inclusive. If anyone asks who you'd hope goes to heaven, I recommend
    saying "Me," since it would be stupid to hope for and not include yourself,
    otherwise "Judgment is mine sayeth the Lord" is good and minimizes fistfights.

    Regarding the JWs leaders' rendition, at least there's some comfort in knowing
    they're the first to know their claims of proof of their exclusiveness, there-
    fore afterlife exclusiveness, are cooked up and not even faith. In fact, if
    you're to show your faith by your works, they'd better hope it's an all-inclu-
    sive version (Universlism), if they really hope anything about it at all.

    "imaginary friend"
    That could be anything from Mark Chapman's advisors, who had very bad taste
    in music, to "How To Think About God" by Mortimer Adler. I don't know what his
    taste in music was, but I recommend the latter.

  • WTWizard

    And they are programmed to hate wholesome things. Anyone that has ever listened to a piece of church music that was well written and well performed, even if they don't believe in the religion, and is told that it is disgusting knows about that. As is anyone that listens to a well-composed, well-performed Christmas song, seen a well-decorated home at Christmas, or has seen what a fine Christmas gathering is like and is required to hate it.

    What about material things? You see the person with quite a few good material things. They have a nice TV--not top of the line, but nice. They have a nice stereo with a good collection of CDs. They have nice, quality furniture, quality clothing, quality hardware, and quality appliances. You are supposed to hate that situation, preferring to remain just above the poverty line. Especially anything that looks or sounds nice, that is in the world, you are supposed to hate.

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