Holy Spirit in Judicial Committees

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  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Thank you for sharing that, Quendi. No mortal man has the divine authority to decide judgment on his fellow man. The whole DFing process is immoral. Although I have never been DF'd (at least up to this point) I have spoke to a number of people who were DF'd and reinstated (many now faded). Most of them stated how the main reason they rejoined the Watchtower was to be able to speak to their families again. Love of God and wanting a relationship with Him was not really the priority for them. And yet "holy spirit" allowed them to re-join. If they had personal reasons for wanting to rejoine, wouldn't God's Active Force(TM) pick up on that?

  • AnneB

    WT says that baptism is a symbol of a person's dedication to God (and to The Organization, according to the 1985 baptism questions).

    If God throws someone out of his organization (DF'ing), then doesn't it stand to reason that the person would have to be rebaptized to get back in?

    Since WT doesn't require rebaptizing, isn't that evidence that their God has not thrown that person aside, that only The Organization has done so?

    Anyway, that's how I reasoned it nearly 20 years ago and it completely changed my perspective on disfellowshipping, on committees, and on the notion that elders on judicial committees had any portion of Jehovah's Holy Spirit.

  • karter

    My Brother was DF'ed and it turns out 1 of the Elders(married) on the JC was haveing an affair with another married sister.

    So how can they possabley say the ''Holy spirit" was with them???

    But they can always use the cureall ''Imperfect man" excuse.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Being raised and sheltered inside the Watchtower Cave, certian beliefs were instilled in me.

    Awesome turn of phrase there Mr. F. "The Allegory of the Cave" certainly fits being raised in this cult.



  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    karter, was the elder having the affair at the time? (not that it really matter, I was just curious)

    your brother's experience made me think of something that a CO said in one of his talks. At the time, I was still mostly brainwashed and when I heard it, I "marvelled" at it's "logic." Now, I think back on it with an enormous WTF. It was like this:

    "The power of Holy Spirit can work very powerfully on an appointed man. Sisters, have you ever noticed how your husbands may act one way at home, but when they come to the hall they are loving, caring men? That is Holy Spirit working on them!"

    I SHAT YOU NOT HE SAID THIS. Why in the name of Jesus Flapjack Christ did I not run screaming out of the hall that very instant, I'll never know.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I thought it was HS that decided in heaven and the elders just were the spoksmen!!! Till they wanted to form a JC for me based on a rumor that wasn't true? I learned on this site that JC and DF for "made up" reasons isn't uncommon...

  • flipper

    This is one of the big reasons I quit attending meetings in late 2003. I saw through the veneeer and BS and came to realize that there IS no holy spirit. No such animal exists. I had elders shooting personal opinions to me as counsel which didn't harmonize with ANYTHING in the Bible OR the WT publications ! They were shaping their accusations against me out of opinions they pulled out of their rear ends. No substance at all.

    I had been DFed for 4 years and reinstated in 2002. When they acted this way I asked myself, " Is this the kind of treatment I expected after working so hard to get reinstated back in once I came back ? " I answered " No ! " to myself - and exited the door before a meeting- never going back. Best decision I ever made ( outside of marrying my non-Witness wife of course )

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Hey, Mr. F! What's happening?

    Mr. F

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    MF'er, what the hell you doin' up in heyah? Dontcha be grieving no Holy Spirit!

    According to the scriptures, Holy Spirit has at least once dipped it's tip in and dropped a load without requiring or requesting permission.

    Therefore, we could rightly suspect that HS operates on Judicial Committees today as people continue to get f*cked over in those meetings.

  • karter

    MR Falcon.

    Yes the Elder had been haveing an affair for sometime at the time of the JC.

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