Husband stumped his pioneer mother the other day.

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  • TweetieBird

    My mother-in-law was hounding my husband the other day about our spiritual standing. Conversation led to "the light gets brighter". He said if that is the case then maybe the light gets brighter for other religions as well. It shut her up!

  • Ill wind blowing
    Ill wind blowing

    When I read the title I thought it said stomped. I was expecting some graphic violence. grin

  • mummatron

    Good point. With the Church of England allowing female ministers, the Pope saying that condoms can be used to prevent the spread of STDs (amongst other changes in various other denominations) then that could well be classed as "the light getting brighter".

  • Fatfreek

    Yup -- it's as if they have the patent on the "new light" alibi. Hey -- it's an alibi because something went wrong the first (or second, third, fourth, etc) time. When you change your mind you need an excuse or alibi for your mistake.


  • Ding

    As we know, the WTS claims to be Jehovah's spokesman, His channel of communication.

    Yet whenever anyone points out its false prophecies, doctrinal flipflops, and past behavior (celebrating Christmas, e.g.), it escapes by saying:

    1. The light gets brighter and brighter.

    2. The WT leaders don't claim to be infallible or inspired.

    If that is a good defense, then ANY religion should be able to use the same excuses for whatever they have ever taught or done.

    Even if everything they teach is wrong today, who is to say they won't get it all right tomorrow?

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Great comeback!!!

  • smiddy

    With the light getting brighter,and brighter for these past 132 years ( 1879 W.T ) Every man woman and child should never go outside without a welding mask on to protect them from the glare from such BRIGHTNESS ,if it keeps on getting any brighter we will be a sun in our own right


  • Scully

    The light hasn't gotten brighter for the JWs in terms of setting up soup kitchens, hospitals, homeless shelters, etc. because they've existed in a black hole for over 100 years. Any light they receive is a wandering spark that they can't wait to snuff out.

  • blondie

    7-15-2011 side article on following Christ's leadership

    Another way to cooperate with Christ’s “brothers” is to have a positive attitude toward any refinements in our understanding of Scriptural truths as published by “the faithful and discreet slave.”

  • Ding

    A diehard JW would no doubt say that it's the path of the RIGHTEOUS that gets brighter and brighter, and -- of course -- only JWs are righteous, so the light only gets brighter for the WTS.

    How do we know this is so?

    Because only JWs please Jehovah.

    How do we know THIS is so?

    Because the righteous but humble FDS tells us so!

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