Amy Winehouse Found Dead

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  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    charlie brown jr.:

    Not to be nitpicky, but you forgot to mention Robert Johnson in your list of the "27 Club".

    He was the founder.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Well I didn't list everyone......

    I just mentioned a few....

    the list is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith


  • Glander

    ..."She was working hard to die for some time now."

    I didn't follow her career but she was constantly in the media for her sad, self destructive behaviour. Wasanelder summed it up.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    A Known Drug Addict who laughed at Drug Dependency................

    Why is this a shock????

    She was supposed to die 3 years ago..

  • Violia

    Charyley that 27 club is a sad one to belong to. I liked her music but watching her self destruct was hard, a slow motion suicide. some stars burn so brightly and burn out so soon.

    addiction is the symptom of her agony. wonder what else happened in her life.

  • shamus100

    How long until Charlie Sheen dies? Or goes to rehab? Any guesses?

  • doofdaddy

    Another famous member of the 27 Club is Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones..

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Blues Legand Robert Johnson Started the 27 club.

  • WhatWasIThinking

    I'm tired of hearing about celebrities self destructing. It's true that money does not bring happiness and that the very rich can be depressed. But they also have the resources to get the best treatments from the best doctors. Sure they may have to change their lifestyle and their friends, but so does the middle class worker who gets addicted to something. And unlike the rich most people cannot finacially afford to pay either the high costs of the best rehab centers or to take months off of work to completely focus on kicking their addiction.

    There's is hope though. Not sure if Robert Downey, Jr., is completely sober but he's not the mess he was years ago. Winehouse had opportunities to change, chose not to, and had to suffer the consequences.

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