A Bumb in with some JWs....

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  • finallysomepride

    Hi Darren

    xNew Plymouthite here, now in Brisbane

    great escape from the the jw clutches LOL


  • Heartofaboy

    Oh dm6 that has taken me back......Makes you cringe doesn't it?

    You portayed the incident very well, I could see it in my mind.

    The borg' expects JW's to do that sort of thing all the time, no let up...... on the beach, in the hotel, in the supermarket, at work...... always, always looking for opportunities to 'give a fine witness' no matter what the 'victims' are doing at the time.

    The Service Meeting was the first meeting I gave up as I use to get home afterwards feeling so USELESS because I knew I couldn't do all I was told I should be doing 'if you are a real witness of Jehovah'!!


  • WTWizard

    Funny thing, the witlesses in New Zealand are stagnant. It is about the same as in the United Tyranny of America, roughly one witless per 200 people and oozing down. They lost members during the 1996-2001 period and only gained back 81 between then and 2006 (and are probably as stagnant in 2011). Good thing you didn't move to Chile--there is one witless per 91 people there, and they are doing much better than in New Zealand.

    I never saw New Zealand directly, but I do subscribe to a few political blogs that have suggested that it might become necessary to move out of the United Tyranny of America. The first gave Chile a good recommendation (like Europe), and its climate was temperate (if you are in the south--the south is cooler than the north). I did research on that--learning Spanish was the least of my worries. They have their share of diseases--Chagas Disease is the worst. They already had some pretty serious inflation, short of hyperinflation, that decimated their peso. And then I learn that there is one Jehovah's Witless per 91 people. Which is a strike.

    Move ahead 6 weeks, and another blog post suggested New Zealand. Like Chile, New Zealand gets colder the farther south you go--Auckland gets muggy in summer (December through March), but Christchurch is warm and dry. Wellington is quite windy, with a modified marine climate. Most of the country is in zone 9 or 10--zone 10 on the coast, zone 9 inland on the north island and portions of the coast on the south island (zone 8 in the mountains on the south island, zone 11 north of Auckland). It is not hot like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok can be.

    I order some DVDs from New Zealand that describe the country. Now, I am fully aware that nothing is all fun and paradise--as they advertise. I find that they have problems with cyclones (usually property damage and blackout, not life-threatening), earthquakes (usually involving broken dishes and knocked down things, not home demolitions but they can get serious like Christchurch), and tornadoes (like the one this past fall in Auckland). They also have plenty of "bees" (which are technically common wasps and German wasps, called yellowjackets in the States). The cost of living can be high, and moving there can be extremely expensive (obviously, since it is in the middle of nowhere, on the opposite side of the earth from most of Europe and America). Internet service sucks, compared to what we still have in the United Tyranny of America (here, there is no bandwidth cap, and unlimited broadband at 10 MB/s is around 55 or 60 US Toilet Papers (compared to New Zealand, with 2 GB caps and speeds averaging 256 kB/s common).

    Generally, I am impressed--though the very high cost of moving there might deter me for a while. However, that could change if I could start a business there--less red tape than in the United Tyranny of America. It could also change if Osama Obama is re-elected or Mitt Romney (a Mormon that brought gay marriage to Massachusetts--hypocrite) is elected. And, moving there would prevent the dingbats that live here from ever hoping to recapture me since I would just tell the witlesses that I am not interested.

    Too bad that, after you made the move and spent the time and money, the witlesses still manage to ruin your lunch.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I'm in Auckland dm6....I'm gonna have a look at your facebook page...

    You might see Sizemik on google maps...he is the one wearing the very loud suit and tie...

    WTWizard....come to NZ....You'll love it! What sort of business would you start?

  • serenitynow!

    You're a nice looking guy. Glad you escaped!

  • WTWizard

    As for what businesses I might start, I was looking into a Christmas decorating one last fall--of course, in the United Tyranny of America, there are too many booby trap regulations. (And Osama ObamaCare adds yet more.) I understand that, in New Zealand, Christmas is celebrated a bit differently--like trips to the beach. They still keep their traditional ornaments and Christmas decorations despite that a white Christmas is all but impossible in New Zealand. Some even put up decorations in June so they can actually get the snow--more common on the south island.

    As for actually going, I will probably go--when the time is right. Making a move like that is very expensive (tens of thousands of toilet papers)--now, if silver goes up to the equivalent of 6,000 of those US toilet papers per ounce or more, I will be able to afford such a move. (And I am not waiting for the stock market--even if the Dow goes up enough, if the dollar collapses, it will more than undo any good.) Beyond that, those long-distance moves are full of preparations--different electrical plugs and voltage (alarm clocks that run on 60 Hz will run slow, losing 10 minutes per hour in New Zealand because of the 50 Hz power), what you can and cannot bring (CDs, plants, food, and the like), and locating a job or being able to start a business once I get there. It is not like being told you are moving from New York City to the felt in South Africa and then moving that week.

    But, I know that once I get there, despite that it is not perfect, I will probably not regret it--unless, that is, total Mass Human Enslavement hits the whole world within a day everywhere, and then it will be just like everywhere else.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    WTWizard....We currently have these here



    But I'm sure there is always room for competition. BBq's are more often than not the way we do it here. But I know a lot who also do the sit down to dinner thing. (often lunch instead).

    I'm not interested in Xmas myself..but then, I wasn't much before the whole JW thing either...I'ts always been a disappointment for me. I fnd the day a bit depressing actually.

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