Nessrriinn's Story

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  • jwfacts

    This is a beautiful account by Nessrriin of her growing up and leaving the Muslim faith. The parrallels with leaving the Watchtower faith is quite remarkable, even the similarity of terminology such as; the truth, conventions, guilt, study more, apostate, "there is no questioning Allah".

    There have been several accounts lately of people torn by the question "what if the Watchtower is correct"? Hopefully this video will help show that your religious belief is due to your religious upbringing, not that it really could be "the truth."

    I just need to add that Nessrriinn became Atheist, and the last two minutes of the video may offend Christians. The pictures are also quite traumatic. It is relevant though to the story, as the conclusion she draws are common for people that leave the Watchtower faith.

  • Snowboarder

    the video draws so much similarities to Jehovah's witness, and i feel so connected to her, it's like me, my mother used to be the same expect for the school part that was different i could work with any student on any project. I can connect to her so much, i'm going thought the same i went thought the same questions and thoughts and emotions. My heart still breaks to my family that's in the JW,we went thought so much and now the JW is breaking all of that. I love my parents and they were good parents, but i wish they did not have to be so strict with the JW stuff.

  • MisfitMeL

    I'm glad to see a link to Nessrriinn's video here and I hope posters here get a chance to see it and identify with it.

    As an ex-JW that is a regular member of an ex-muslim forum, I know the experience of leaving jehovah is the pretty much the same as leaving allah. There are so many parallels, it's eerie. Ex-muslims face so many of the same challenges as ex-JWs ... but some also have the sad reality of facing death if their atheism becomes known - in that respect, we are fortunate.

    To all those here who are currently battling with breaking away from JWs and feeling conflicted and doubtful if they are making (or have made) the right decision - You are not alone!

    I hope this gives you encouragement to know it's not just ex-JWs that face all these challenges, but people from all religions all over the world. We are all realising what a scam religion is - ALL religion, not just christianity - and we are breaking away in droves. The internet is crucial to this silent revolution, and it is encouraging to see many young adults and teens sign up on forums like this and others.

    It gave me a lot of hope and comfort to realise this fact, and I hope it helps you too.

  • Diest

    I sent this to a Muslim friend who is unsure of her faith. She said it made her cry.

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