True Authorship of New Testament

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  • Diest

    We know the books are forged....this is that poor book the bible we are talking about right?

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    still thinking first post...straight into it!

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    You name several sources, of whom I have only one on my bookshelf: Dominic Crossan (“Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography”).

    I was unable to locate any comment in that book where he says forgery was acceptable to the primitive Christian church, so you will need to give me the location and context of his words.

    Since I have no books by these other people you nominate, you will need to be kind enough to do the same for each of them. I have 45 years experience of seeing the WTS supposedly cite a source, only to discover that the source was being misrepresented or misquoted.

    I have no real penchant for ringing people in USA, but it should be possible to ask this Prof. Pagels by email on his/her views on the acceptability of the bible’s forgeries. I would appreciate your providing his/her email address, since you appear to have ready contact.



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