Another Great Video From Dark Matter

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  • cantleave
  • whereami

    Get ready for the mountain of excuses and mental gymnastics.

    Drum roll please.

  • cantleave

    So can any believers refute the logic of this?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
  • 3Mozzies
  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    What a bullshit video.

    The hungry man is hungry because other men don't give a shit about him.

    The athlete credits God because HE THINKS God gave his team the victory.

    As for the scene in heaven, I guess the maker of the video was there to observe,and recreate THAT event.


  • cantleave

    J.D - The point being the athlete who prays to god (which ever flavour of the mythical creature he implores) for victory, is doing so in the expectation that his god will answer his prayers. Knowing there are much bigger issues in the world, is that not a bit selfish?

    Whatever god someone believes in, obviously can't answer all prayers, and seems to have no sense of priority, or there would be no problems, since everyone would get what they want. So by selfishly praying for trivial pursuits you are depriving others with a greater need.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread
    Knowing there are much bigger issues in the world, is that not a bit selfish?

    It's not a bit selfish, IT'S VERY SELFISH, and it disgusts me. We can agree on that.

    There would be no problems, or minimal probelms on this planet, if men just simply treated each other with the love they give their family pet.


  • Heaven

    Is that angel wearing a marijuana leaf? Valerie Smuthouse...ha haha hahaha! Hilarious!

    Love the final comments too... thanks cantleave.

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