"Dub"ble Standards!

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  • discreetslave

    Sick with a side of twisted & corrupt please

  • sabastious

    The real question is does God care about any of that?


  • sabastious

    I wanted this to have it's own post even though it's in the OP:

    9. While there is no such thing asautomatic disfellowshipping,
    an individual may have gone so
    far into sin that he may not be able to demonstrate
    sufficient repentance to the judicial committee
    at the time of the hearing.

    I have heard this argument so many times it makes me sick and now I know exactly how to refute it: Having a category called "going too far into sin" as a valid scanario where DF'ing would be a "default" is the same thing as "automatic."


  • poopsiecakes

    wow. never ceases to amaze me...

  • man in black
  • yourmomma

    This shows that one of they greatest lies perpetrated on the JW community is that only "unrependant" people are DF'd. That flock book almost makes it impossible to not be DF'd.

  • iamwhoiam

    We will tie this heavy stone to her leg and throw her into the lake...if she floats she is a witch and we shall burn her at the stake. if she does not float she is not a witch and will have peace with god.

    a game you can't win.

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