JW's And The Abuse Of Children...

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  • shel54401

    First I want To Thank each and evey one of You for your inputs, they ALL were very,very helpful.

    And sad also.

    I got the name of this site from Topix on jehovah's witnesses,and I beleive I ran into a sweet lady Mary?

    So, I thought I would come here for change, Its really nice of all the wonderful Topics to choose from.

    I want To also THANK-YOU ALL for such a warm welcome..That was very kind..

    Lets keep spreding the words of truth about this organization and what it has done to our children and the MUCH abuse that goes on daily.

    Thanx Guys/gals for all of your stories, they are ALL important if we are to get the word out on what really happens behind closed doors and in front of other JW"S....Thanx again for a warm welcome...GOd Bless..and PEACE..Hamster huggs to all ,SHel

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    We had a hard core CO come around one time that was seriously into disipline.

    His Sunday talk was about not sparing the rod and in his book that meant whippings. He gave the example of how whenever he disobeyed his father it ALWAYS resulted in a whipping.

    When he was 11 years old he was playing ball in the street and got hit by a car. His injuries was such that he spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Then with great pride and emphasis he said "Do you know what was the first thing my dad did when i got home from the hospital? (shouting at this point and stabbing the air) He gave me a whipping I would never forget! Because he had told me not to play in the street!

    At this point the CO was about foaming at the mouth, he REALLY believed in spanking your kids.

    It simply inraged me, he never once cautioned about spanking too hard, and i have never heard any other bro give that caution either from the stage.

    The JWs are all pro spankings......with no rules

  • shepherd

    The problem is it is in the Bible so they feel justified. They also think that if the State bans spanking they are entitled to ignore that because God's laws override those of the State. If they got arrested for it they would think it was persecution from Satan which PROVES they must be in the right.....any religion (since not only JW's think like this) that thinks the Bible is a higher authority than anything else is dangerous.

  • talesin

    Good for you for REPORTING!! And he went to jail,,, for once - a small bit of justice.

    Welcome to the board!

    It's hard to take personal responsibility and speak up --- for the sake of the children --- it shocks me that anyone still tolerates the blatant abuse and BEATING of children in the KH -- disgusting and oh so illegal.

    The fact that this made you leave the JWs,, that it was your personal final 'straw',,, says a lot about your character,,, I love you already.


  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The simple truth of the matter is that the JWs are not a family friendly religion, and the widespread use of corporal punishment is just one aspect of this:

    - an aspect which the Bible itself has a lot to answer for. However apologists might like to try and reword matters, scriptures that talk about "beating with the rod of discipline" can only mean one thing - and will only be interpreted one way.

    It is a tall order to expect an adult to sit quietly through two hours of a boring, mind-numbning, sould-destroying JW "meeting." Yet the JWs expect infants to endure such, without making a sound. Then, if the child does complain, common practice is to administer a beating. Not even animals treat their young in such a manner!


  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I have seen children taken into trestroom, whining, begging their mother or father "no, please no"...and they come out with tears streaming down their faces after a "good spanking".

    Not even a wild, extremely bratty child deserves to be hit. And most of the kids I saw were merely bored and a bit restless. And usually very young. I hate spanking, and if I ever spanked a child, even once, even "mildly", I would feel such pain, even if it didn't bother them too much.

    How can anyone stay in a religion that not only allows, but ENCOURAGES this abuse? Yet I spent so many years justifying it myself.

  • Devil_Fish

    I was beat with a wooden spoon and a belt as a child. My mother tells me that she now regrets having beat me for "Just being a kid".

    I am now a proud parent. I have never and will never hit my child. by hiting you are sending the message that the way to get what you want is through violence.

    There was a story recently from Texas where they still practice paddeling in some of the more rule schools. in kindigarten the teacher held up a paddle and told the kids that if they didn't do what the teacher said they would get paddled. well guess what happend that very same day at recess? A little girl asked a little boy to give her a toy he had. When he refused, she hit him with a stick.

    How is this not a Duh moment???

    I can't imagine any good reason to hit a child. Why is it that if I hit an adult it is assult, and I get arrested, but if I hit a child, it's diciplin? Children should have more rights not less.

    Reading through these stories makes me cry. I keep seeing my child in my head and I can't imagine any action that would warrent being hit.

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