Why There Are No Absolutes with Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • AllTimeJeff

    A thought occurred to me as I read a couple of posts asking about policy questions. Many who leave JW's seem curious and surprised that someone can be disfellowshipped or get in trouble and yet another fellow JW does the same thing and nothing happens to them?

    So they ask,' what's the policy'? Then they blame the elders.

    While it is NEVER a bad idea to blame the elders, the elders are generally doing what they are told.... by the CO and the Service Dept.

    The Governing Body and their mouthpiece to the elders, the Service Dept, have become adept through decades of experience of being what I like to call "unyieldingly flexible."

    We all know that whenever it suits their purpose, a brother or sister can either be removed or retained/appointed as a pioneer/MS/elder. The verbiage and logic they use though upsets many in and outside of JW's.

    I just wanted to comment on this point: If you are looking for that smoking gun where the GB doesn't follow it's own rules, well, they are always changing them anyway. Do you think a religion that hung it's hat on 1914 and a horrible idea of what the word "generation" would let their own bylaws for elders and oversight get in the way for what they want?

    The GB is the 800 pound gorilla. They take the bible, a book that is as ambiguous as Gary Busey on a bender, then translate their own copy of it without really knowing how to translate, and can make it say whatever they want.

    Even when they contradict themselves, the GB is right. That is because even though they aren't spirit appointed, they are spirit directed.

    See, if they can make shit like that up and sell it, what chance does anyone have?

    (pssst. that's why its a cult.)

    So don't think of JW's as a factory that has ISO 9001 standards. They have only what is immedietely expedient to them.

    I have written a lot about this over the years here on this site and on freeminds about one simple point: The GB is all about them, never about you.

    So don't look for absolutes or any consistency. All they care about is finding people they can fool, trick, and keep donating, either their time or their money, so that they can continue on their delusion of grandeur binge that has now lasted well over 100 years.

    Peace to all. Tonight I'm gonna party like its 2014!

  • designs

    'the Bible, as ambiguous as Gary Busey on a bender' that's going in the classic quote section lol

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    "unyieldingly flexible" has to be another classic! Lol

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I made an assertion in the recent adultery thread based on what local Roman Catholic told me about the differences in annullments between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Manhattan rarely granted them. They could cost upwards to $100,000. and you needed an advocate at the Vatican. Take the subway to Brooklyn within 5-10 minutes, within the same city, and annullments were freely granted for about $1,500.

    Some local discretion makes sense. I would not trust elders to interpet policy set by the WTBTS correctly. Are there appeals to Bethel? What if you know from word of mouth that a local congregation is much more lenient than your own? My family had a whole host of reasons to attend the most liked KH. Local discreton can help or hinder.

    Competent adults gave these nuts the power in the first place. I am very serious when I wrote they are engaging in activity with criminal and civil libaility when they spy all night. God knows what is happening. HIs witness should be enough.

  • sabastious
    They have only what is immedietely expedient to them.

    This is very true and it makes them impossible to debate with. They are walking bad form.


  • AwareBeing

    Kudos to Jeff! That was pointed, and accurate.

    Hopefully the DO's and CO's won't see this thread.

    It's way, too painful for those caught in the middle!

  • moshe

    Does anyone really think the GB is concerned about petty problems with a few elders in, say, Pittsburg, Kansas who have been bending the "rules"? Laxatives would rate higher in importance for most of them. I imagine the bad news never gets past the service desk, so as far as the GB is concerned, all is well in KH land.

  • thetrueone

    Good write up AllTimeJeff

    Once the WTS self proclaimed their publishing organization the one that god's uses to channel his will and true understanding

    and interpretation of the Bible, the platform of corruption was established from that point on. The perceived and obtainable power

    was set in place for those men and they relished in it and exploited this self contrived empowerment.

    This fictitious power game extends down the lower ranks on to the lesser elders whom at times are diverse in their designated rules

    and applied doctrinal laws instituted by the higher ups.

  • designs


    Morgan Freeman observed that the current Administration in South Africa is inept and destructive due to basically being uneducated. These Leaders were the gap generation that were if not outright illiterate near to it. The Society has wrought many of its current problems on itself be insisting for the past 50 years that an education is not that important in serving Jehovah. You get what you reap.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    great post


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