Apostate Organization?

by Diest 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • Diest

    Is there any group that is not crazy(six screens) that puts up legitimate billboards or other advertising about JWs. Any group that deserves donations for really fighting the fine fight? I would donate if I knew they were really putting the money toward helping people get out of the borg.

  • JRK

    I have viewed the Watchtower society as an apostate organization since I found out about their connection with the UN. I definitley would not give them a dime though.


  • oppostate

    You could help V make more videos, or help FreeMinds' website too.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Diest, have you contacted jwfacts and Barbara Anderson through their websites www.jwfacts.com and www.watchtowerdocuments.com? Have you checked out recommended links through Barbara Anderson's website to identify other respected websites: http://www.watchtowerdocuments.com/jw-sites.html? It would probably be best to contribute to established and respected websites so that those websites can expand by adding webpages in languages other than English. It would probably help a lot more people if the aforementioned websites, had webpages in Spanish, French, and Italian languages to name a few.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you know,


  • shamus100

    What? Six screens is crazy?

    Well blow me down...


    Another worthy cause. :)


    You are on the Most popular JW Website on the Planet..


    I`m Sure Simon would appreciate a Donation..

    If your Really Rich..

    You can send some cash to "Free Minds" too..


  • Diest

    Thats a good point. Getting the word out in spanish is helpful. I just feel like it would be nice as a group to choose a site and raise some money for a specific cause.

  • Diest

    I love this site, but it is supported by ads, where as some other sites dont have ads because it would not seem right.

  • Judicial Committee
    Judicial Committee

    It does not matter to me how much Simon makes by using adds, he us doing a great service to many people who have truly needed a place to vent the hurt and pain that this cult like the Borg has cursed so many with, good people who are made in the likeness of god.

  • talesin

    Yes, donate to your local women's shelter, or a child-abuse prevention program,,,,

    that way you are GUARANTEED to be helping some exJWs ....

    I think throwing a few bucks to Simon or the other folks mentioned in earlier comments is a good idea, too .


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