Has there been a change on how JW's view those that have drifted away?

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  • lonestar63

    I wonder if an article in the WT came out telling them to reach out to those that have drifted away. I suspect the defection has been great in the last few years, and they're trying to bring some back. I've told my story here, how i was able to succesfully fade away along with my family, without being DF'd. For years they didn't care about us, and all of a sudden we've had no less than 4 visits in the last couple of months, which we've ignored.

    I'm just wondering what's spurred this????

  • DesirousOfChange

    For years they didn't care about us, and all of a sudden we've had no less than 4 visits in the last couple of months, which we've ignored.

    Could this be a follow up from the DC talk on the "Dragnet" parable, where they said there was a "Culling Work" now taking place. Those who lack the qualifications to be "fine" fish will eventually just stop associating. 18 million attend the Memorial, but over 10 million of them do nothing else. Evidently they are the ones being culled out and separated from the "fine" fish.

  • steve2

    To the best of my knowledge, there has been no change at all. Both the Watchtower literature and the District Convention continue to hammer the old message about keeping the congregation clean and avoiding bad associations.

    You say that for years they didn't care about you when you faded but that in the last 2 month period, they've visited 4 times which you've "ignored". Could that be the reason for their repeated calls - they never find you at home? Do they leave messages? Do they know it's you they're trying to contact? Looks like they're counting time.

  • Quarterback

    Our congregation is on a Witch Hunt against those faded away. Not too long ago they DF'd someone who had been away for 25 years. They simply asked him if he wanted to study again, and he said, 'No'. Then they told him, he was DF'd.

    This came about when the District Overseer met with the cong Elders along with the CO. During the Elders meeting the DO stated that we had it wrong about those who faded away when we made no decision about those who withdrew from the faith. We simply let them be. The DO stated that once you are baptised, you are always baptised.

    News about this spread into the nearby congregations, and others freaked out by it. Some asked other Elders that said, "Huh" The policy or maybe opinion of the DO was applied inconsistently in our city. There would be at least 49 DF'd is this were to be applied. I'm sure if it were applied this numbers of DF's would sky rocket through the roof.

    Every one is puzzled about it, and the Society doesn't even know about the opinion of this crazy old DO who really should retire into a basement appt at some Kingdom Hall is a lousy city, where he belongs.....sorry just venting here

  • yourmomma

    Quaterback, it might not be just the DO, a while ago someone in a spanish forum posted a rumored new policy that could go into effect in the future that basicly said that if a person who fell away or as we say faded declines repeated offers sheperading calls and misses meetings and service for an extended peroid of time, they are disassociated by their actions.

    now, this is not official, but i would not be suprised if at some point they do this.

  • Diest

    I hope they do DF inactive...that is the kind of policy shift that would cause and exuds larger than Moses'. Id happily take that medicine for the greater good.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Another example of the WT being able to make and enforce their evil rules via D/Os and C/Os

    with nothing making it to print...

    "No your honor, we never said anything of the sort"...

    scum suckers


  • WTWizard

    One sure way to avoid this issue is to move to another country, preferably one about halfway around the world. Granted, this is a drastic move and you will probably be separated from family. But, if you do not let the hounders know which country you are moving to or give them a bad address (preferably one that is in the opposite hemisphere), they are going to have a miserable time trying to disfellowship you. And even if they did, the ban would not spread to your new country. And, when the witlesses show up at your door, you are not interested.

    Warning: Before doing this, check on the status of the religion in the country you are planning on moving to. If the country seems to have a low or stagnant population of witlesses, it is probably safe. But, if the religion is growing or if more than 1% of the population are witlesses, be careful about moving there--Chile, for instance, has one witless per 91 people.

  • hoser

    Quarterback you have a PM

  • Quarterback

    So let's see how that would work out, WTWizard.

    You move away - You lose your family, lose your home, comfortable surrroundings etc

    You stay here - you may lose your family, not your home, not your comfortable surroundings

    Maybe, it's better to grow a moustache to disguise yourself, and when they come, pretend you are Pedro, from Mexico just moved in.

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