what, exactly, did we witness?

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  • carla

    The problem with the 'expert witness' analogy is that in court and expert is usually trained and educated in the topic (example- skid marks & speed,DNA,bullet trajectory or whatever) the r & f jw's are not considered the 'experts' only the gb would be the 'experts'. Even the so called annointed cannot be 'experts' as there was a wt that already said they are not special and should not be held up in the cong, or something to that effect.

  • luna2

    The problem I always had as a JW was that I couldn't explain their more convoluted reasonings to anybody...and if the person asked any questions at all, I found myself in difficult territory. I found the experience of being a witness not only time consuming, but frustrating and frightening. With some of it, I couldn't even believe what we were being told to tell other people. These days, I look back and wonder how I allowed myself to get so caught up in something so stupid.

  • sizemik

    In short, SFA . . . in long, an average illusion

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