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  • lepavoux

    Another point, the New World Translation at the front is published in Arabic so what name is used? Allah or Jehovah, Yahweh?

  • belbab

    An text in Ecclesiastses 10:2 I always found interesting: A wise man's heart [is] at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left.

    I believe that this text is a reason why the Hebrews write from right to left. The beginning of a saying should be from the side of righteousness.


  • cattails

    Hi Lepavoux,

    I tend to agree with Oppostate about the pronunciation of God's name. I looked up Jehovah and Yahweh in online encyclopedias and then tried online translation engines.

    If you use some online translator like and enter in English "Jehovah" and then "Yahweh" you get the same translation into arabic you'll get YHWH in their alphabet.

    The Arabic characters showed like "?" (question marks) when I copied and pasted them here, but I encourage you to try it by yourself and go to an online translator too. The arabic for Yahweh and for Judah are almos identical except for the D in

    The main name muslims give to God is "Allah". It's etymology is most likely from "Al illah" meaning "THE God". And it's related to Hebrew "El/Elah".

    But since Classical Arabic only has three vowels "A" as in "fat", "I" as in "fit", and "U" almost like in "flute". Of course the same words in Hebrew and Arabic are going to sound a bit different. The word peace for example is "salaam" in Arabic and "shalom" in Hebrew.

    Both Arabic and Aramaic/Chaldee have a preference for the sound "a" more so than does Hebrew anyway, an example is Hebrew "shem" for name is "shema" in Aramaic.

    But sticking to the Hebrew pattern like the previous poster said, it's really simple to see YHWH in the pronunciation of Judah's name in Hebrew Yeh-hoo-DAH for YHWDH. Take out the D and you're left with the four letters for the name of God in Hebrew YHWH and as would be pronounced: "Yeh-hoo-WAH".

  • lepavoux

    Very well explained and instructive thank you all.

    So when christians in the future go into Asia to complete Matt 24:14 "In all the inhabited earth " we will know what word and pronunciation to use to the Islamic people - something very important.

    Also we will have to use the Divine Name in the languages of India and the Chinese languages, does anybody know what they are and how they are pronounced?

    (There are 3 billion+ people yet in Asia to be preached to).

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