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  • wobble

    Dear MM, what kind of counsellor have you employed ? PM me if you don't want it too public, I was just wondering because I know an XjW who I believe could benefit from some sort of therapy, and I don't know quite what to recommend.

    JWD/JWN was enough for me ! What a great place this is !

  • NewChapter

    We Rock! *scritches Shamus's luxurious pelt*

  • the-illuminator81

    Crowdsourced therapy..

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Hi wobble,

    I self referred into my occupational health counselling service at work. Mr MM and I have drawn the line in the sand so to speak with out fade and I wanted counselling to help me deal with the coming fallout with family.

  • wobble

    Good luck Mickey and Mr MM !

    We are all here for you too, it is hard, the initial dealing with family, much depends on them, my lot decided that whatever, they would not precipitate my being DA'd or Df'd, they had a family conference first, before they spoke to me,bless em ! How funny is that ?

    The result has been that I have been able to explain my position, without fear they would repeat my words to Nazi Elders. So I am just an "inactive" non-attender, they never talk religion with me now, but that suits me, the whole situation suits me.

    I hope you achieve whatever you want too.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I introduced this website to my therapist a few years back. She thought it was a healthy forum for those escaping a cult. This therapist is sort of an expert on those who leave repressive controlling religions and are making an attempt at living in the world with the rest of humankind.

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