My idol worship of Rick Springfield...

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  • talesin

    MRAOOWWW!!! humble now, too, and you gotta love that

  • FlyingHighNow

    I thought he was exceptionally adorable. He cleans up fairly well now.

  • CuriousButterfly

    Awwww Rick Springfield I used to dream he was my boyfriend. :)

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    As a non witness young teenager around 13 thru 16 back in the 1960's i had pictures on the wall of cute boy movie stars and singers its a phase later in the late sixties it was jefferson airplane, spooky tooth, velvet underground than you just stop putting up the posters and you move on it's not really idol worship it's just something young people do.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I had the Beatles on my wall. I kept switching between Paul and John and Paul and John until John was murdered. Then, the shrine was built.

    I have a vast collection of fan memoribilia. When I was in 6th grade, I joined the American Fan Club. They sent us special Christmas records. It was very nice. Along the way, I acquired a British pen pal who loved the Monkees. I sent her American Monkee stuff for British Beatles stuff. We sent teen mag articles and press clippings. My father would ban it, then I could have a few pieces. When he died, my Beatles stuff was again confiscated. My mom let me have it back for good. I added choice pieces. Part of includes a twig from the Lennon Memorial in Central Park. My brother and I attended John's performance at the mentally chalalenged concert at the Garden. I have a white box with a mirror inside that says "Smile" a gift from John and Yoko.

    Now, instead of teen mag, I have very classic posters and Richard Avedon's massive poster of Lennon, with Paul McCartney's autographed photo.

    They were far more than a great rock music group. The zest and spunk gave me energy to fight the Witnesses. The wit gave me strength. I also have to give up volunteering at a hospital, radio, sewing, etc. It was done to be punitive. The WT was only an excuse.

    Two teenage treasures were comical. I had grape boycott poster with grapes for the migrant workers strike. It was proudly on my wall for year - a bunch of grapes. One day my head moved and I saw it was an optical illusion. Within the bunch of grapes was a skull! It was off my wall so quickly. The second one was my hippie in church poster. A white robed hipppie is so bored with church that he falls asleep in the front section. One day I was discussing it with my family and called it my hipping in church poster. My mom said what hippie in church? I said the one that is on my wall fo ryears. Laughter. That is no hippie! It is Jesus! Is NOT! Ran upstairs and looked at it closely. Jesus! Off my wall. I don't Jesus around when I am changing.

  • NewChapter

    Rick Springfield's birthday is today. He's 62.

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