NY Catholic Church on new gay marriage law

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  • rebel8

    I can't verify this online but a Catholic told me the churches all had a liturgy on how bad gay marriage is and handed out a flyer to remind all members specifically what the church's position was on it. AS IF a reminder was needed.

    Now, call me opinionated, but sheesh. I get it, the bible condemns it, blahbety blah blah blah. So don't do it then if you don't want to. In fact, not only are you absolutely free to not do it yourself, you are even free to not conduct said ceremonies in your church. You could even excommunicate members who did it and you're legally entitled to do so.

    Why the fark do they care who non-Catholics marry? This doesn't affect them in the least. It restricts no activities of the church, has zero impact on it.

    Bishops: MYOB.

    Conservatives: Go ahead and be conservative and support the government butting out of people's personal lives.

    That is all.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Personally, though not gay myself, I rejoice with the law[s] that are beginning to tilt toward recognition legally of those who are gay. Hooray for them.

    I am also - I know this sounds like strange-bedfellows - in support of limited government, and fiscal conservatism. But in this matter I am decidedly liberal. Let these people live a life without being restrained by Victorian 'morals' plucked freshly from a 2000 year old [newest parts thereof] holy writ.


  • Joliette

    Do most gay people care when straight people get married? No. Then why should straight people meddle in gay marriage.

    And straight people have done enough damage ruinning the scanity of marriage already.

    All of a sudden, people want to get 'holy' when gay folks want to get married.

  • shamus100

    As a gay man, I wholeheartedly endorse an immediate and irrevocable end to all marriage, gay, straight, animal, vegisexual... whatever...

  • NewChapter

    Jeff said: I am also - I know this sounds like strange-bedfellows - in support of limited government

    Actually isn't your stance the definition of limited government? Social conservatives love the term, but really support the biggest government ever. The libertarian stance socially is small government--the opposite of the conservative stance. I'm really sorry they highjacked your movement.


  • Paralipomenon

    I had recently read an article that mentioned that here in Canada, gay marriage has been legally allowed for a while now and so I did some research to see how that would affect not only witnesses, but all religions here.

    Somewhat shocked to discover that the laws that allow gay marriage as well as adding protection for gays under our charter of rights each have a specific clause exempting religions from following it.

    Something absoluting disheartening to read official legislation stating that there would be no tollerance of hate speech towards gays... except for religions who are exempt from the hate speech law.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I find that interesting too, Para.

    Religion really is so devisive, and destructive, yet we give religion a pass? Makes a good atheist wish that the prophecies of destruction of BtG that we believed as Jw's were really true.


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