Service Meeting says "Leave Everything"

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Glad to see more people relying on govt help when they get sick or are unable to work. Their "simple" lifestyle does have a price. It's just the question as to who is going to pay the eventual bills.

    I have a hard time hearing about brothers living simple and pioneering. I owned a business back in the 90's and most of the technicians were from the Spanish cong. Keeping them was difficult becuase most would quit and rely on govt help. The help would eventually run out and off to work for a year or so until they quit again to receive further benefits

  • onefootout

    "Reports have been heard" CLASSIC.

  • sabastious

    It's easy to drop everything and follow a man that can raise the dead. Do they really mean to imply that their preaching work warrants dropping everything in the same way? It's not even remotely similar.

    If you pinned them down they would have to admit that they actually enjoy life much more than the people who preached for/with Jesus spoken of in the Bible.


  • Mary

    Excellent summary Billy. Interesting too because the scripture they like to use says: "....If you want to be perfect, go sell your belongings and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven..." (Matthew 19:21).

    Does the Borganization really want their followers to give their money to the poor? No, they far prefer that the rank and file give their cha-ching to them. Not only that, but since they teach that the bible was written for the 'anointed' and not really the rest of the saps who go other sheeples , then wouldn't the command to 'sell your belongings' apply only to the anointed?

    Ya.....better not think about that one too much......

  • steve2

    "Leave everything" indeed! I often tell the story of my maternal grandparents who came into the organization in the mid-1920s just after they married. The purposely did not buy property, instead renting, because they at heart believed the BS about the end being so very, very near. They both died in the 1970s, penniless and renting some dirt-cheap accommodation out in the backblocks. Meanwhile, their 8 children - only 3 of whom remained active in the organizatiopn - each bought their own homes, as have their grandchildren, including me.

  • WTWizard

    I also know some people that have chosen to live extremely simply and pio-sneer. Their lifestyles lent to so much stagnation that they did nothing else. Take work when they can find some, so they can waste the money on gas and car payments. Head to unassigned territory in the spring, so they can place tons of rags that will never become return visits or studies. Work trade shows 2 or 3 times a month, bring home a few thousand toilet papers if they are lucky, and then waste the time pio-sneering.

    What else I notice is their lack of real joy. They insist on pulling others down to their level, envious of anyone that has any material things that bring them a little fun (envious, as opposed to jealousy--they don't think it's acceptable and act offended at anyone living better than they). This couple insisted on regularly showing up at 6 AM for street work, and were consistently about 15-20 minutes late for field circus. They always had coffee going, struggling to get up in the morning and make the group. The husband, while he was alive, insisted on in-your-face management of the group. If anyone wanted to take a break or move to another territory or call and didn't first notify him, he would get pxxxed. You call that "joy"? I don't.

    Another case was at the time I started studying, I had one study at the lead hounder's house. No, he was not a 98 year old living alone. He was under 40, had two children under 12, and had absolutely nothing in the way of entertainment. No TV, no radio, no computer--no nothing. I didn't see any hint of toys around (with children, you always expect some traces of toys around). Yet there were bookcases that look like they were fairly expensive, displaying a library of littera-trash from the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery. I would bet that neither of the children have any access to real music--or have ever seen a real movie. Which might be expected from someone that is 98 and living alone, not someone in his late 30s with a wife and kids. Notably, in both cases the family was ugly, looked out of shape, and had grudges against people enjoying their lives.

    Yet another, the family once had a more moderate lifestyle. Then, during the mid 1990s, they cut back on work and expenses to pio-sneer. All two of their children are regular pio-sneers, as are both parents. They had to cut out cable and most of their entertainment expenses to accomplish this. And, what is most notable is that they are going to have absolutely nothing to show for all that. Stagnation is probably worse now in that family once they decided to pio-sneer than it ever was before. (And, since that was around the time I quit regularly going to boasting sessions, I didn't see the whole thing but can imagine what it is going to become when they get old and destitute).

    I definitely do not recommend selling out unless you have a definitive purpose. Leaving everything for no good reason so a religion can benefit is a sure ticket to stagnation. And, you are not even assured salvation. At least, if you sell out and move to another country (for instance, if yours becomes a tyranny or is attacked in war), you have the chance to rebuild in your new country. Which is more than can be said about these witlesses that sell out for Jehovah.

  • dozy

    There is a 4 page insert in the Aug KM entitled "Step over into Macedonia" encouraging people to serve "when the need is greater". Single sisters , families with young children , all types are encouraged to leave their jobs & homes & move & "serve Jehovah (ie the WTBTS) more fully".

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Thanks for all the good comments!

    After talking to my dad about this yesterday, I want to add another point...

    5) In total, Jesus' ministry was only 3 1/2 years. It would have made complete sense for people to drop everything and follow him for the limited time that he would be available to heal and to teach. After he was gone, they could return to their lives with complete conviction and knowledge. Also, tradition shows that he was an itinerant teacher. He would teach for weeks or months, and then he and the disciples would return to settled living. That's why the apostles would return to fishing and Jesus would have to go and regroup them. Such a request Jesus made of his followers has no relation to the century-long servitude that Watchtower has demanded from my family.

    @ABibleStudent - Of course I couldn't say it at the meeting. But I have talked to several individually in the last few days, including many in my family. Their irritation at the neverending demands of Watchtower makes them very easy to reason with. I ALWAYS encourage them to look up everything I say in the Bible and Watchtower pubs for themselves. And I proceed very carefully.

    @Chemical - JWs are programmed to think exactly what they're told, and they're not allowed to think otherwise. It has been interesting to start dialogue very carefully and specifically. I originally would anti-witness only one-on-one. This conversation I had with both siblings, spouses, and kids... now that's what I call a real family study. It's taking me time, but this "generation" of our family will end the cycle of slavery to WT.

    @Charilko - You're not at all contrary. I've known plenty of JWs, wonderful people, that have made huge sacrifices to spread the WT message. I also know all the members of the current GB fairly well. These are two different groups. Today, too many wonderful people are making huge sacrifices in obedience to a group of men that are selfish, demanding, and the complete opposite of what Jesus represented.

    @Wizard & everybody - Besides the other local examples, I point to myself as somebody that gave up EVERYTHING in order to follow what I thought was the "anointed". I was chewed up and spit out by bethel and by the local congregation. My personal circumstances that I've been through make it really hard for anybody in the congregation to tell me what to do. More service? More study? I'm way ahead of you. Been there, done that. When I was suffering, I was basically told to keep warm and well-fed. So now I'm getting to a place where I'll be warm and well-fed, on my own.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    The GB can't even cure male-pattern baldness.

    LOL, Losch is working on this I heard. Splane is going to be his test subject. Operation Miracle Wheat & Heat Hair Growth Formula. My sources in Bethel tell me it works similar to a Chia Pet.

    Context. Just before the first passage in Luke that was discussed is the account where the disciples encountered another stranger that was expelling demons in Jesus' name. The disciples asked Jesus if they should stop him. But Jesus said to the effect that anyone that isn't against us is for us.

    The WT's avoidance of this verse was always curious to me. Couple that verse along with Jesus' words on not judging others, as well as the judging of sheep and goats as a task which is the responsibility of the Lord, it makes you wonder why the WT is still condemning everyone else in their literature. They don't have any business judging and condemning anyone as that's not the so called Slave's responsibility.

    Later in Luke 22:35,36, Jesus told them that they now would need not only a purse and food pouch, but also a sword? Why the change? Because Jesus knew that Christians wouldn't be able to enjoy a "free ride" anymore, and he wouldn't be around in person to support them.

    Exactly, what's the GB's , Circuit Overseer's, and District Overseer's excuse? Oh, and don't forget their wives. Every one of them needs to get a job and see what the real world is like, paying bills, washing your own clothes, paying for expenses on your own vehicle, including insurance and maintenance. You know, even the apostle Paul made it a point to emphasize that he was never a burden on those congregations he visited as he was self sufficient.

    Watchtower Corporation is a cult. The GB and their "spiritual paradise" is a fraud.

    Even before waking up to their foolishness, I always wondered since this is such a spiritual paradise then why do so many people wish to get as far away from it as possible? Jesus words were refreshing, thousands seeked him out in his day, and millions, possibly billions today find his words and his story refreshing. The WT is the exact opposite as they're a book publishing company seeking out people they can dupe into their organization, all the while holding thousands, possibly millions of people against their will in an organization that they were unfortunately born and raised into.

  • undercover
    There is a 4 page insert in the Aug KM entitled "Step over into Macedonia" encouraging people to serve "when the need is greater". Single sisters , families with young children , all types are encouraged to leave their jobs & homes & move & "serve Jehovah (ie the WTBTS) more fully".

    That would be interesting to see

    hint hint

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