Activist and Folk singer Facundo Cabral killed in Guatemala

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  • designs


    I am not here, nor am I of there

    I do not have age nor future

    and to be happy is my color of identity

  • freeflyingfaerie

    Since first hearing that song yesterday, I've now listened about a hundred times lol (ok, slight exaggeration)~

    It sounds like a lullaby for peace and help put to rest the anger and the differences~

    It is good to know there are people on this earth that are like him~

    So sad that another person for peace and human rights has passed on..

    I wonder if he and John Lennon ever connected (something to look at)

  • designs


    He's inspirational. Thanks again for the film. He makes us want to stay in the struggle for Human Rights. One of the great joys I had when I first left the Witnesses was to be part of a Peace March with the great grandson of Gandhi. be happy is my color of identity.

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