Aloha, I'm new and in need of legal advice

by robyn1991 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • wobble

    Just to say WELCOME, and that the advice above to not waste, time, money and emotion on the JW's is good.

    May you and yours have peace ,happiness and fulfillment from now on.

  • oompa

    sorry for your pains robyn...but funny...i am in a very similar situation although i am not pregnant lol. in fact i just posted this morning about my case and how i would love to sue the elders just to be a pain in their ass...but i know there is almost zero chance to win...........good luck and enjoy your life, your baby...and your partner.......................oompa

  • jamiebowers

    As stated by others, you may have a case against the individuals who threw you out of your house and fired you from your job. But what is most important is to avoid giving your jw relatives unfettered access to your child. Please don't leave that poor kid alone with any jw ever.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Let me remind you that you are heavily invested in them but they are not in you. They will never know you while it is your life. I'm not saying no legal case because that would be illegal legal adivce. It is ever so slim. Every moment you pursue a vengeance case, you are losing a wonderful moment in the now. In a short while, you will view the day they d'f'd you as blessed and holy.

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