Another giant leap backwards for mankind...

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    As long as they keep making crap and we keep buying it, China will be fine.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    You have people who can't afford homes, you have people dying or at least suffering due to lack of hospital treatment, you have hundreds of thousands out of work, yet you're crying because you can't send a rocket into space????

    Sort out your problems at home, before you try to take them elsewhere. If you can't solve issues here, what makes you think the issues that will occur due to space travel will be solvable?

  • darthfader

    BP, it's not that simple as "sending a rocket into space". That is a symptom of a far more sinister problem. That is that the US has lost it's long term vision. We are paying the price for our lack of vision. It took 30 years to erode the US amnufactuing base and now it's science and technology research is beginning to wane. At a minimum, the space program creates jobs, more realistically, there are many new technologies and techniques learned by this process that apply to many aspects of our lives. Fuel Cells, MRI, Kidney Dialysis to name a few were "brought to the mainstream" by critical refinements applied by the r&d from the space program.

    Sorting our our problems at home means working at the near term issues with longer term goals in all aspects of life and government.


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