Need some pointers/help on small business info

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  • HintOfLime

    I agree with the above - if there is no contract, and no actual work peformed, tell them you are at a point where you absolutely must move on. People who are 'all talk' will usually excuse themselves when given a hard-set deadline. "I absolutely must have x done by this date. If you cannot sign this contract and commit to this date, then I'm sorry, but I'll have to find someone else - really, this should have been done already."

    If you want a successful business, you have to turn 'family mode' off. People who are not highly motivated, "doers", or 100% committed will kill your chances as an entrapenuer. They may mean well, but most people don't have what it takes to really be an entrapenuer.

    - Lime

  • hoser

    Sounds to me like a typical partnership. One partner does all the work while the other partner sits on their lazy ass expecting 50% of the profits. I agree with the last couple of posters. Hire a stranger to do the job and let your inlaw figure out that he's not needed any more. But one word of caution, pay him out as soon as you can before the business grows big or it will cost you a big pile of money later on.

    I'll always remember the business advice my Father in law gave me:

    Never go in business with your family, your friends, or a Jehovahs Witness!


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    You have a PM

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