Bethelites - heavy pressure to auxiliary pioneer this past April?

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  • RayPublisher

    @Sir82 - Interesting theory but I'm not seeing it- they already have a compliant slave laborer so why drive them out unecessarily? It costs $$$ to train and aclimate another slave to the Bethel way. They obsess over every penny saved I saw that while I was there.

  • sir82
    It costs $$$ to train and aclimate another slave to the Bethel way.

    Yeah, but it costs far more in medical bills for a 55 year old who's beginning to experience heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other expensive diseases.

    It's far more cost-effective to kick them out and bring in a young, stupid (but healthy!) 20 year old.

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    When I was there, I met a few that felt compelled to do more. Being a devout follower, I never doubted a person's motive. Apparently, this was becoming a situation that the governing body needed to address.

    One day, Fred Franz announced that if you wanted to pioneer; "Go home!", was the response. You are there to work and that is your full-time ministry.

    If things have changed, that is fine. I could care less, but I would never consider more activity in April to be spiritually progressive. Previous members of the Governing body didn't see it that way. So where is the divine insight?

    Yeah yeah, I know - the light keeps getting brighter. That perspective works well for the stupid.

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