CO's arrangement finishes????

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  • punkofnice

    Axing one of their paid 'clergy'?

    Well if it saves them cash they will but then who'd go around to bully the congregations?

  • baltar447

    My guess is they are saving SOO much money from cutting back on magazine printing(everyone just picks up what they need so mags don't pile up anymore) that the savings from the DO/CO arrangement isn't needed.

  • sir82

    I don't think it's going to happen, at least not any time soon.

    The latest rumor I heard was that all CO reassignments were going to take place simultaneously, rather than "staggered".

    I.e., A CO gets a new assignment every 3 years. In the US, approximately 1/3 of the COs would get a new assignment in 2011, the next 1/3 would get their new assignment in 2012, and the last 1/3 would get their new assignment in 2013. Then the cycle would begin again in 2014, proceeding by 1/3's.

    However, as of 9/1/2011, 100% of the COs get new assignments. There are no CO reassignments in 2012 or 2013, then in 2014 100% of the COs move on to new assignments.

    It is conceivable that this might be a precursor to eliminating the COs as speculated above - but there will certainly still be COs in the immediate future.

  • AwareBeing

    Some in our family have had elders fill-in for CO's for decades.

    But around 2008, One elder fill-in was telling the publishers that:

    "The Society wants the congregations to have three circuit overseer's visits per year."

    Also that that Congo. "hasn't had three visits for a quite some time" and that

    "the purpose in this is to not neglect the brothers needs."

    He also told them that they, [their Congo.] "need(ed) to hear the "third (set of)

    talk(s) for 'being built up'." Furthermore, he and his wife were looking forward to

    being excepted by the GB for the future work as a CO couple. Yet; they weren't

    making any plans to move or end work, just using two vacation days per Congo.

  • Gayle

    It seems that totally dependent (financially) COs are needed by the high-mind control organization to pound congregations to fear the Governing Body. Doing it 3 times/ year would cement that even more so. Getting local POs doing this, would be so very burdensome, if they are family, working men, don't see how that would last very well in reality. Anyway, the local elders would have to see this CO as someone 'above' them, not a local yokel elder. Having these traveling fulltime COs instills more fear, which the Governing Body needs this necessity.

    I am wondering maybe a letter went out or information of some sort via GB/headquarters, to instill fear in COs,,so impress on them that they are 'dispensible,' (Knorr's style tactic to control Bethelites years ago).

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    There's a couple brothers in our circuit who've been trained to do backup CO work. I wonder at times if they're really be trained to replace the COs if and when that arrangement goes the way of the Dodo. Another thing, around the time I first read about this rumor on here, I caught wind of a long time CO who was widowed, and was a company man through and through. Then all of a sudden he upped and got married, got a job, and dropped out of the CO work. When he did that I wondered again whether there possibly is some truth to this rumor, and that this former CO was looking for his own future considering the WT has a pretty poor track record when it comes to looking out for their publishers. Time will tell I guess.

  • AwareBeing

    At least two couples per Cong. of elders and wives (in those districts) with/without grown children were interested in this. - 2008-10

    They were talking often about "downsizing (work/possessions)", "increasing (in) the ministry", "serving Jehovah/the brothers."

    Most of these were full time poi. or PO families, and many were franticly competing in FS while the CO was visiting them.

    It was a hypocritical bonanza, as some of the most hateful and snobbish ones joined in, "walking the walk, talking the talk." Gross!

    The majority of these types, were obsessed with position, power, privileges, parts at assy's,

    and some had visible control issues (bullying.)

  • Bangalore

    Not just the CO arrangement, perhaps it would be best if the WT organization itself finishes.


  • rocketman

    CO's are needed for one important reason - after a while, what local elders say will no longer resonate with the flock.

    They need a new voice from 'oh high' every now and then.

    I'd liken it to a coach/manager in sports - after a while, players just don't respond like they once did. Periodically, a new guy is brought in and, for a while, everyone responds. Then the cycle repeats.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The current CO batch has 1 more visit left though (I think) so what Gayle said might be correct. However the current CO has said nothing about anyone who might replace him and we chalked it up to the way he "governs" his sheep but hey, we'll see.

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