A New Member Needing Help With the Site

by MrDarkKnight 3 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • MrDarkKnight

    I just joined the site and noticed that other members have changed their pictures and added some info about themselves. I would like to do the same but I can't figure out where the menu is to do that. Can some help me? Thanks!

  • fokyc
  • cantleave

    You can't change profile info anymore - just the Avatar!

    BTW Welcome to JWN

  • undercover

    We need a "Read First" sticky for all the newbies...

    The current software, as it is running right now is not the final, finished platform. The owner of the site is transitioning from old software to something new. In the meantime, we're kind of in message forum board limbo. We've got the basics but a lot of the details usually found on a message board are suspended for the time being.

    Since the owner is writing his own program, the timetable is completely up to him in how long it takes.

    For me personally, it'll be great when everything is back in order but this kind of message board is more about the actual messages...the experiences, the scandals of the WTS, and the ever changing doctrines of the JWs than it is about our avatars, profiles and signatures.

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